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Mikroregion Teplý Vrch


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This village was established in year 1407 under original name Bablawska, since 1808 with the name Babinec. Village is situated at the area of 491 hectares and 419 metres high above the sea level. Babinský mlyn and Klinovo are the parts of the village. It is situated in the south-east part of Slovak Rudohorie on the flat back between valley of Rimava and stream Papča. Upland in the northern part, composite mainly from pyroclastic andesits and limestones sublimate to the relict area of highlands. Country is not wooden, in the northern part it has oaken wood.

Babinec was documented in1407. Village evolved in 13.century on the older occupancy, it belongs to family of Derescény, Sechy, since 17.century to the masterdom of Muran. In the 1427 there was 13 ports but after Turkish invasion in 1598 only 5 houses stayed. Because of poverty the family of Koháry forgave to inhabitants the tenth and work. In the 1828 here lived 270 inhabitants in 35 houses. They shot for agriculture and for manufacturing of wooden utensil.

In village is situated evangelic classicistic church from the end of 18.century with painted wooden ceiling from 18.century. In the first half of 20.century was extended home production of spindles, harnesses and timbered oaken cleavage stretches, which were used for deposition of garderobe and grain. Lately here was woven canvas and shred’s carpets.


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