Monday, 18 November 2019
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Attraction highlighting: embroidered blouses and table-clothes

Nowadays there live 986 inhabitants. The first written mention about village is from the year 1244.
Village Čataj is a member of the Little Carpathians Association of Towns and Villages in the frame of a so-called wine road.

Čataj is famous for large archeological localities from the Neolithic Period, from the Bronze Age, from the New Iron Age = Period of La Tene (La Tene - town in Switzerland), from the migration of nations and from periods of Slaw - Avars and of Great Morava. Important monuments of material culture from these periods will be presented in the Čataj´s room to be now preparing.

famous Čataj´s embroidered blouses and table-clothes

Points of interest, remarkables and rarities

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After World War I. in the year 1919, a French military mission with a commander - General Mittelhauser visited Čataj.

3 September 1991 Conseil Permanent Union Internationale des Scienes Préhistoriques et Protohistoriques UNESCO was sitting here. 5 September 1991 Čataj was visited by participant of the XII. CongressUISPP from 63 states of the world directed by General Secretary of UISPP Prof. Dr. Jacques Nenguin.

In Čataj was born and has been living here a very important scientist of world name, archeologist and historician, a long-time General Secretary of Union International de Archeologie Slave (UIAS) and President of UISPP Univ. Prof. PhDr. Bohuslav Chropovský, DrSc., member - academician of SAV and the former ČSAV, member of several foreign scientific institutions.

evangelic church
evangelic church
late barrock roman-catholic church of St.Margith

All over the world are very famous Čataj´s embroidered blouses and table-clothes, one of them on the table of the Pope Johannes Paulus II.
Čataj´s embroiderers meet for their common embroiderying every Tuesday in the Cultural House.

There are two musical subjects - brass-band "Čatajanka" and folk-band "Farkašovci". Both play abroad, too. Folk-group "Tulipán" is also successful.

Very typical and rich in manycoloured and complex and silver embroidery is an unique and beautiful woman garb in this region, which is to be seen only by previous announcement, later in the prepared Čataj´s room. It is a very interesting and extraordinarily expressive attraction that you can not see elsewhere. It is used by a local folk-group at its perfomances.

A hunter association does training and competitive shooting regularly. The Municipal Office arranges a meeting with citizens on the New Year´s Eve where are invited all persons interested from Slovakia and from foreign countries, too.

By academician Bohuslav Chropovský and Ing. František Bacigál.

Translation: Hošková
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