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Horný Zemplín



 Attraction highlighting: Recreational area

Village Chlmec was situated on the joint of the Vihorlat and the Humenské hills in valley of the Ptava brook. From the district town 7km away.

The first written mention about village is from the year 1451 when came to sharing of the Drughets property. In the 19th century assets of village belonged to the Andrassys.
During the World War II. village was burnt out.

Nowadays 550 inhabitants live in the village and its extension is 791ha. In the year 1998 gas pipelines were put down. Citizens of the village built a new church consecrated in August 1998.

Points of interest, remarkables and rarities

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Village has very good conditions for development of tourism. It is a gateway to beautiful nature. To its visiters offers some opportunities of winter and summer recreation.

In the winter a recreation in the ski centre CHLM with two skilifts. In this time there are excellent conditions for daily and night skiing. In its surroundings are situated some objects for development of tourism.


The recreational centre MH Bystrá offers its services all the year round with accomodation (220 beds), all-day catering, arranging of family feasts, proms, courses, seminars, school trips, ski-courses, civil defense, school in nature.
During school vacations are organized here children recreations, weekend recreations, family stays.

The centre has its own basin, football and volleyball playground, opportunity of common feasts and walking in beautiful nature.


Surroundings of our village create most forests where are growing gifts of nature during the season. For example: raspberries, blackberries and other woodland fruits, mushrooms.
The most sought after are mushrooms in our surroundings during the season.

In the terrier of village there is a pond where you can go fishing.

Nowadays the Church is converted into a mortuary in the village and hereby it was decided to build the village´s drainage.
Village Chlmec belongs to the medium-sized villages in the Humenné region, an effort of the village autonomy is, that the inhabitants have the best condition for living and cultural experience in our village and its surroundings.

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