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Attraction highlighting: Folklore feasts
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Coat-of-arms of the town Detva might take referring to prerogative of Frank I. from the year 1811. Thanks to this Detva had become town. Since 1965 has had statute of town and since 1996 is the seat of district. Nowadays there live 15 000 inhabitants.

History of Detva

Below Poľana hill history of typical town Detva has been written down for four centuries. It was created as a village of bondage in a deep-forested area on instruction of an owner of the Vigľaš castle and county of L.Csaky in the year 1638. It had been developed as a large newly cleared land and this character has kept to present-day, in spite of tearing away of a part of newly cleared lands and developing individually - Hriňová, Detvianska Huta, Kriváň. Logging and wood processing, sheep breeding and peasantry had been the main source of bread and butter of the Detvans. The blood of their ancestors - Walachians from the northern and eastern parts of Slovakia and immigrants from surrounding villages was mixed in their blood. Hard living conditions at distant isolated newly cleared lands and self-sufficiency in providing of basic living needs determined formation of original material and spiritual culture of inhabitants and thanks to this Detva has became one of the symbols of modern Slovak nation.

Protected Landscape area Poľana

In heart of Slovakia above the town Detva is situated a stratovolcano Poľana one of the biggest extinct volcanos in Europe. It is a part of the Slovak uplands and is proud of extraordinary nature wealth thanks to this it had become protected landscape area {extension of 20 079ha}. The ecosystem of Poľana with an amount of protected kinds of plants and animals rank hereby among world biosferic reserves of UNESCO.

In central part of Poľana caldera - Kyslinky - is extended which is a result of intensive volcano activity in past times and the following erosion. From its peripheral parts of peaks surface waters flow centrifugally to all world sides and this is unparalleled.
As relics of volcano activity there are scattered rests of lava andesit (volcanic) streams creating magnificent rock formations. They are protected and to the most interesting belongs Kalamárka - a visited training place for mountaineers and hereby an archeological locality. Settlement of Kalamárka rock walls was afirmed by research from the Bronze Age to early Medieval Age. It is a place with legends and fairy tales.
To further nature monuments belong Melichova rock and waterfall Bystré - place so much visited.

To the rarities of the protected area belongs occurence of almost all forest vegetation zones on minimal area. This is because of altitudinal zonality of this area. From beech trees through mixed forests to unique spruce forest. The most southern occurence of the former spruce forests on andesit (volcanic) substratum in the Western Carpathians.

Area of Poľana is a protected region for huntery where you can obtain trophies of bears or bucks. Every visitor will be invited when entering with respect and in return nature beauties will be offered to him which heal and delight body and soul.

From Detva you may visit Poľana following indicated blue and red marks of tourist paths and constructed cycling route around Poľana makes beauties of Poľana public.

Points of interest, remarkables and rarities

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Folklore feasts below Poľana
(take place annually during the second weekend in July)

Folklore festival with its scene in Detva since 1966, belongs to the most grandiose shows of folk culture in Slovakia. It establishes relations with abundant traditions of musical, dancing and singing art of the Detvans and their folk-artistic manufacture.
This festival becomes host of folk artists from all regions of Central Slovakia and a meeting place of thousands of visitors - lovers of traditional culture. Yearly welcomes regional ensembles and associations of Slovaks living in foreign countries whose programs belong to the most admired.
Three festival days with grandiose scenical programs are completed by other undertakings - chamber concerts, expositions and the market of traditional handicrafts in area of an amphitheatre. There are many producers from Slovakia and from Detva, too. Wood engraving, embroidery with crooked needle, production of folk musical instruments, production process from leather and metal know the young and the old from Detva who prepare for this undertaking the whole year.

Festival takes place in nature amphitheatre situated above Detva, which respects its original architecture. Sensitively set into nature scenery festival challenges visitor not to go around hospitable people and country below Poľana hill and to evaluate its scenery and architecture beauties.

Further information:
  Dom kultúry A.Sládkoviča
  Obrancov mieru
  962 12 Detva
  Phone: +421 / 45 / 5455 581
  Fax: +421 / 45 / 5455 502

Official Homepage of town:


Translation: Hošková
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