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Detvianska Huta

 Attraction highlighting: Roman-Catholic Church, The carols of the Bethlehems

Detvianska Huta is situated near the main road from Zvolen to Lučenec and in village Kriváň you branch off and go on further through town Hriňová 4km to Detvianska Huta. Village consists of surrounding settlements Vrchdobroč, Komárno, Ľuľovka, Žabica, Bratkovica enclosed by spruce forests where mushroom collectors show their passion during the summertime.

detvianska huta
Village and the beautifull nature

In the village its beautiful environment is exploited for travelling - tourism, cycle-tourism, agrotourism.
There are several boarding houses - Penzión Nosálová and the School in nature to be exploited by students, pupils, sportsmen, scientists and charitable families from the foreign countries, too.
In their leisure time they can go to visit a farm - the Ranč Haferník - very suitable for horseback riding or for taking a course of this.

Points of interest, remarkables and rarities

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The highest peak is Vrchdobroč at 920m above sea level, the middle of the village is at 840 m above sea level.
In the wintertime are all areas covered by snow and are exploited two ski-lifts, lines for cross-country skiing and all places for sledging and bobbying.
In every season you can visit and drink the natural water locally called Šťavnica.

In the village is an amateur theatre group in operation which members are of all age categories and in case of interest they are very glad to show you their repertoire.

Roman-Catholic church

An important tradition to be proceeded from generation to generation are the carols of the Bethlehems during the Christmas feasts, the Three Magi, singing of carols under windows of neighbours on the Christmas Eve, burying of jug at the beginning of the Lenten season, building and rolling of May columns.

In the village there live several craftsmen producing wood-carved crosses, Podpolianska embroidery by crooked needle, hooked laces, manual weaving of linen and domestic carpets, blacksmiths of agricultural tools and shoeing of horses.

Dominant of village is not only a lovely nature, but also the Roman-Catholic Church consecrated to Virgin Mary and who has preserved his customs, he wears it on every sacral feast.

Translation: Hošková

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