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The first written mention from the year 1244 “Drethoma fluvius” is about the river. The other archivel notes are about the settlements at the upper and lower flow of the Drietoma river. According to this there are Horná Drietoma and Dolná Drietoma. It is sure, in the year 1244 there had already been these settlements, because in the later archivel annals habitations of Horná Drietoma are mentioned as to be burnt out by Tartars, who came to the Drietoma valley from the Moravia in the year 1241.
Drietoma is connected with Starý Hrozenkov not only thanks to their common history of the Great Moravia and Hungary, but some common historical events happened in the Drietoma valley.

Drietoma village

The village Drietoma is situated in the valley of the Drietomica river at the Moravian-Slovak march to the south-west of Trenčín.
The terrier of the village is spread from the frontiers with the Czech Republik in longitudinal direction to the terrier of the village Kostolná-Záriečie. On the road I/50 is a frontier crossing to the Czech Republik.

This area belongs to the range of the White Carpathians and its large part belongs to the Protected Landscape Region the White Carpathians.

Places of Interest
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To the dominants of Drietoma belongs manor-house with park. Its last owner was Friedrich Stritzel. In the evangelic cemetery stands the Pseudo-Baroque bell-tower. In annals from the year 1675 it is to be found some data about the Baroque Church of St Catherine. At the place of this church was built the Neo-Renaissance Church of St Catherine from Alexandria from the year 1901.
The historical symbol of Drietoma is St John Evangelist. Doubt about original auspices of Drietoma is unfounded because of the oldest known seal of local manse from the year 1633.

Folklore of the Drietomica valley is very abundant. Thanks to merit of folklore collectors hundreeds of songs were musically written. The most of folk songs (740) collected, wrote and composed Mr.Karol Stopka. Thanks to his effort the Drietoma brass-music occurs on the radio and TV. Musical traditions of local folklore propagates local brass-band Drietomanka and youth brass-band Drietoma.
Traditional “Kopaničiarske slávnosti” (habitation´s feasts) take place here in collaboration with Starý Hrozenkov every year.
Since the year 1999 “Festival dychových hudieb” (festival of brass-bands) takes place in our village.

The 1st January 2000 2048 inhabitant have been living in the village, men – 1033 and women – 1015.

To the village belong settlements Brúsne, Zvrácená, Žrnové, Dolina, Liešna and Holbová.
Some habitations became recreational areas. In Liešna recreational centre Jánošík provides food and accomodation. Refreshment and food offers Motorest Drietoma.

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