Tuesday, 19 October 2021
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Attraction highlighting: High quality wine production
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There are many proverbs and sayings connected to village of Dubova. They say that who does not know Dubova - does not know the world.

The earliest written reference of this village dates from 1287. Dubova si situated on the edge of Male Karpaty mountains, under Kukla hill and between two towns - Modra and Casta. It belongs to the Pezinok region and has 825 inhabitants.


The surrounding of Dubova is famous for heavy stone clay which is suitable for grapes growing. The production of high quality wine was typical for Dubova in the past. "The wine from Dubova is one of the best in the area..." - this is one of the statements we can find in the historical documents from village of Cerveny Kamen. Nowadays, there are a few companies which devoted their philosophy to the wine production, such as:
   - Polnohospodarske druzstvo podielnikov (Unified Farmers' Co-operative) in Dubova which ownes an attractive wine cellar suitable for different occasions for 45 people; contact telephone number: +421 / 2 / 6429222
   - GAFO company, owner Mr Frantisek Gavornik; contact telephone number +421 / 2 / 6429366
   - INTER MALL company, owner Mr Jan Pretzelmayer; contact telephone number +421 / 2 / 6429422

Dubova village is also known for its own Christian singing assembly called CREDO which has already participated in many occasions such as services, weddings and village fetes. Credo is known in Slovakia as well as abroad. If you wish to contact them please phone Ms Alena Polcicova at +421 / 2 / 6429334.
This village has many skillful people who started their own business and are very successful, e.g. JMF Company produces high quality Italian ceramics (contact telephone number +421 / 2 / 6495581, Mr Jozef Zajicek). JMF Company co-operates with Mrs Anna Valentovicova which is a proffesionalist in flower arrangements. She uses many different types of dry flowers to create flower bouquets, garlands and she also decorate ceramics made in JMF company. You can contact her at +421 / 2 / 6429447.

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There are two recreational facitilites situated 2 kilometres above Dubova village - Fugelka and Kukla. Fugelka is known as a place for children recreational summer and winter camps and is known in Slovakia as well as abroad. Its management also offers services for various family celebrations, wedding receptions, training courses and kynological events.
You can contact Fugelka at +421 / 2 / 6429223, e-mail: fugelka@mail.viapvt.sk

recreational facility Kukla

The recreational facility Kukla offers accommodation services and good food. It also organises summer camps for children, wedding receptions and various family celebrations.
You can contact Kukla at +421 / 2 /6429232.

Another place where visitors can stay is Hotel Hydrostav. It belongs to the Dubova area and is situated above village of Pila and under Cerveny Kamen castle.
It offers a wide variety of food, good accommodation for 150 guests and it also has facilities for different occassions such as Green ribbon celebrations, wedding receptions, graduation celebrations, training courses, seminars etc.

The village od Dubova is also famous for its women' celebrate carnival which takes place every Tuesday before Easter Wednesday and celebrates typical Easter habbits and keeps traditions still alive. Music band called Smidli-bois plays many known songs and despite of the fact that the members of the group are men, they all have to dress up as women for this occassion.

Another village occassions are:
- New Year's celebrations by the village Christmas tree at midnight;
- May celebrations,
- Mothering Day,
- various football matches,
- St. Nicolaus Day (6th December),
- Village Fete etc.

Translation: A.Bendíková
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