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Dunajska Streda

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Dunajská Streda, an ancient settlement, lying in the heart of Rye Island, is the chief town of the district.
It is situated between the railway and highway joining Bratislava and Komárno. The number of its population is 24,894 and its territory is 3,145 hectare according to 1999's data.

It consists of three districts: Dunajská Streda, Malé Blahovo and Mliečany.
First mentioning of Dunaszerdahely we can find in the document dated from 1250 as "Zerdahely", but the settlement probably existed in the middle of the 12th century. Its name comes from the oldest privilege of towns, privilege of Wednesday's fairs. The town wins a markettown title around the middle of the 15th century. Town Szerdahely was in the middle ages surrounded by the following settlements: Nemesszeg, Újfalu (Pókatelek and Tótújfalu before) and Előtejed. These four independent villages under the name Dunaszerdahely coined the town in 1899.

At the beginning of the 20th century Dunaszerdahely functioned as the economic and administrative center of Rye Island. Numerous factories were established and our town became the center of many administrative institutions.

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The town Dunaszerdahely is rich also in cultural traditions. The first cultural institution was the Casino dated from 1860. Its main activity was to focus on adult education and a library, carrying 1,500 books, belonged to it as well.

Nowadays, the cultural life of the town takes mainly place at Cultural Hall, Vámbery's Literary Coffee Shop, Rye Island Museum, Slovak National Gallery's outplaced department in Vermes Villa, Contemporary Hungarian Gallery and private ART MA Gallery.

Visitors can also see the town's historical remains.
The Roman Catholic Church situated on Vámbery Square was originally built in roman style and it was first mentioned in 1341 as we can find in one of our resources. It was rebuilt several times: the side altar was attached to it in 1518 in late gothic style. The church was rebuilt in baroque style at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Evangelic Church built in neo-roman style is situated in Main Street and was built in 1883. Its tower was constructed in 1937. Till the hand-over of the new Reform Church, the reform congregation organized its religious services in Evangelic Church.

One of the oldest and most interesting buildings of the town is the Yellow Castle built in baroque style and can be visited at Museum Street. Miklos Kondé Bishop built it in the 18th century (the construction works ended in 1770). It serves as the home for Rye Island Museum.

Another attraction for the visitors is the town center, which was rebuilt on the basis of plans of the world famous architect Imre Makovec. The town got its new look between 1995-1999. The Main Street got its old features back by reconstructin such buildings as Fontana Shopping Center and Post Bank's building complex. The reconstructed Vámbéry Square gives an awe-inspiring sight as well.

The town has become a tourist center since the 70's. Thermal bath was built with several pools, indoor swimming pool, sport and camping facilities.

The town has got a football stadium of 12,000 seats at its disposal.
Winter sports lovers can enjoy the facilities of the artificial skating rink.
Fair traditions of several centuries' standing were brought to life again at the end of the 70's. The traditional three-day long Rye Island Fair is organized each year in September by the town municipality.
Since 1976 the Festival Danube Spring has taken place in Dunaszerdahely with its competitions of child, puppet and literary theatres.

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