Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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Mikroregion Dolny Hron



Attraction highlighting: 3 churches

Village Farná is situated on the right bank of the Hron river in the lowland of the lower Hron, at the crossroads of state roads Želiezovce - Nové Zámky and Levice - Štúrovo.
Village belongs to a wine region Želiezovce. In the area of vineyards - Farnadský hill and Iklad a qualitative white and red wine is finished in vine houses - suitable for lodging, too.

village Farná
village Farná

The first written reference about village is from the year 1156 where is mentioned under the name Fornod and belonged to the Tekovská county. In a pergamen from the year 1283 village is indicated under the name Furnad and since the year 1848 has been a part of the Esztergom archbishop´s county.
Nowadays village belongs to the district Levice, to the country Nitra.

Points of interest, remarkables and rarities

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The cultural - historical monuments of village are churches the Roman-Catholic from the year 1732, the Calvinist from the year 1804 and the Evangelical from the year 1823. The Cenotaph from the years 1848/49 and from World War I.

There are an agricultural cooperative, a health care centre, a chemist, a post office, a savings bank, an elementary school the Slovak and the Magyar, a kindergarten, a sports area, trading and restaurant´ s facilities, a local cultural centre where acts a children´s folk group Nádaš.
There were installed gas pipelines and water-supply.

The cultural - historical monuments of village

Geographical position of village is suitable for agroturism, hunting, fishing and for realization of business plans of natural and legal persons supported by municipal autonomy.

In our village is valid a principle: "who is coming in good faith, is a welcomed guest".

Translation: Hošková
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