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 Attraction highlighting: Church

Village Hankovce is situated in the southern part of the Low Beskyds in valley of the Laborec river. Extension of area is 854ha, absolute altitude 175-431m heigh above sea level in the area, midpoint of the village 182m heigh above sea level.

The first written mentions about village are in historical annals from the year 1567 under the name Hankoc, from 1773 Hankowzce, Hungarian Hankóc, or Jánosvagasa. Village was founded according to purchase right in the second half of the 16th century and belonged to the Humenné county. In the 18th century belonged to lords Dravetzko and Czáky, in the 19th century to the Andrássys.

Points of interest, remarkables and rarities

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In the year 1417 11 households lived in the village, in 1787 40 houses and 352 inhabitants and in 1828 60 houses and 448 inhabitants. Population made itself living by cattle-breeding and work in forests.

Nowadays there are put down gas pipelines, water-supply and it is prepared construction of village´s drainage.

Church in Hankovce

Beautiful nature in the surroundings is very attractive for domestic and also for foreign visiters in summer and winter months (jaunts and tourism).

In the terrier of the village there is situated a recreational centre the Krosna where you can be accomodated and you can eat all the year round.

In the summer time there are children´s camps. Company Muscher (Mr.Jozef Feigl) manages the Krosna.
Near the Laborec there are many repose places where you can go bathing in summer.

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