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Attraction highlighting:  geyser of Herľany
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The village Herľany is placed in the skirts of Slanské vrchy – a mountain range. It is approximately 28 km far from Košice. It was well known already in the 17th century for its mineral springs. This fact was a cause of establishment of the local spa. The mineral springs were not sufficient for the demand for mineral waters in the year 1870. Because of that was begun to make a bore which resulted in creation of a world unique – geyser of Herľany.
The significance of the village as a health resort faded after the year 1945, but the world curiosity – natural cold geyser (though it has lost its intensity gradually) keeps its unique for almost 130 years.

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Basic parameters of the Geyser of Herľany:
- depth 404 m
- it reaches the altitude of app. 20 m during blow-out
- blow-out duration is about 30 min.
- the interval between eruptions is 32 – 36 hrs.
- the geyser temperature is 14 – 18 °C and its water is strongly mineralized.
The geyser was proclaimed a national nature preserve.
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