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Hontianske Nemce

 Attraction highlighting: Roman Catholic church of St.Martin

The village of Hontianske Nemce is situated in the picturesque valley of river Štiavnica. It is located in the District of Banská Bystrica, only about 10 km from the town of Krupina. Surrounded by variety of local mountains (Slovenské stredohorie, Krupinská planina, Štiavnické vrchy), this village spreads across some 30,8 km2 and has got only 1495 inhabitants.

Good geographical location of this village has been renowned since the Primeval Age. Numerous archaeological findings including bowls, jars, hair accessories and various tools were found in the area and they date from the early Bronze Age. Mr. Andrej Kmeť, the local archaeologist, has found several tombs which are still the matter of research and attract many young historians and archaeologist.

The earliest written reference of Hontianske Nemce dates from 1246 when the village was known as "NYMPTY". The village has always had an important transport position and was a crucial local travel point in the past. There is a very good travel connection (by car or train) to all nearby towns and villages including Levice, Šahy, Zvolen and Banská Bystrica.

Hontianske Nemce

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Previous generations of local inhabitants were primarily interested in agriculture and farming. Many of them had their own vineyards and produced local wine. All of these old traditions and occupations have influenced the present cultural and social life of the village. A folklore group known as "Chyžišťan" was established several years ago to keep the old songs and dances still alive. Smaller children and teenagers can get involved in the children's group known as "Zvonček" or join the local drama group and perform live at some of village events (e.g. local fete known as "Jurajský jarmok" which takes place in the village each April or the presentation of the local amateur theatres which takes place every year in June).

People of Hontianske Nemce are still very much involved in the local religious life and regularly attend worships and Sunday meetings. There are a few churches and chapels in the village. The Roman Catholic Church of St. Martin was built in the early 13th century and the small church of St. Urban and Donát was built in the gothic style in the mid 15th century. The sacral column known as Mariánsky stĺp is another interesting feature of this village. It was built in the rococo style in the late 18th century.

There are numerous facilities in the village which are making life easier for the local population, visitors and tourists. These include:
Post office, Cultural hall and library, Primary school, Kindergarten, Doctor's surgery, Pharmacy, General stores, Petrol station (owned by Slovnaft Benzinol), Tennis courts, Numerous footpaths around the village.

There are 30 entrepreneurs and sole traders in the village which keep the village's business life going. The nearest place where tourists can find a good accommodation is located in the hotel Transit - Rakovec which is on the way out from the village of Hontianske Nemce. It is particularly suitable for lorry drivers or those who need to take a break on the longer journey. Good family accommodation can be provided by the local holiday cottage which is owned by Mr. Jozef Šnajdera. His holiday cottage is located only 3 km from the village center and can be found in the heart of the local vineyards.

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