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Mikroregion Teplý Vrch

Horné Zahorany

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Village Horné Záhorany was established in year 1323 called Hegmeg, but from year 1948 is used the title Horné Záhorany. To this village are belonged Bolf settlement, Kíže and Kubíny wilderness. It is stretched on area 524 hectare and 472-metre height above sea level. It is situated on Southeast part of Slovak Rudohorie, on the both sides of Velky potok, which flew over the village. Relict surface of upland highlands is created by andesits. Oaken forests are situated only in northern part.

The village is mentioned from the year 1323. It initially belongs to family Balog in 15, century and in 16, century to family Derecseny. Turks gutted it in year 1566. After return on the place of caducous village, which was situated between Padarovce and Lukovištia, inhabitants built new village on today’s place. Village belongs to several mayors. At the beginning of the 19, century had 150 inhabitants. They dealt with agriculture. They especially shot for stock raising after the year 1918.

In the village Horné Záhorany is well-preserved evangelic classicistic church from the year 1814 and classicistic bellhouse from the year 1790, there is situated tablet of writer Ľudovit Kubani, too (16.10.1830 – 29.11.1869).

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