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 Attraction highlighting: Architectonic daisy - Romanesque temple sv. Alžbety

Slovak village of Kaplna is located in the western part of the country, between the town of Trnava and a smaller town of Senec. Located right in the center of the Slovak biggest plain (known as Podunajská nížina), the village also benefits from a mild climate and good agricultural conditions. Being just a small village, it is quite handy to be located near the major road E61 which is very convenient for people who commute to work and students who need to get to their schools and colleges.

romanesque temple sv. Alžbety

The historical background of this village is quite interesting. Numerous archaeological findings suggest that the village was established around 5000 years BC. The earliest written reference dates from 1244 - it is an official document signed by King Béla IV. Some research into the actual name of the village has been done the results show that the name of Kaplna was derived from Latin word ''Capulna'' meaning a chapel, a small chapel. The name of the village has changed several times over the past centuries. It was known as ''Capolna'' in 1289, ''Capella'' in 1297, ''Kappeln'' in 1460 and ''Kaplna'0' since 1786. The name ''Kaplna'' can be translated into Hungarian as ''Kápolna'' and it is known as ''Kappeln'' for those who speak German.

baroque component Romanesque temple sv. Alžbety
The village's own coat of arms dates from 1614. It shows strong agricultural and wine connection - the traditional black wine knife and a blade on the blue background.
The major feature of this village is the Roman Catholic Church of St. Elizabeth which was built in 13th century (around 1240). This religious building was built using traditional red bricks. In the later centuries, the exterior and interior of this church was changed and a few gothic and baroque features have been added.
The village of Kaplna has got an active village community - local people like to organize various cultural, sporting and social events during all seasons.

flag village

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