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 Attraction highlighting: Classicistic Church on a hill from 1787, The Baroque font

Klenovec is a typical village situated in a beautiful valley of the Veporské Rudohorie, extended on both banks of the Rimava river.

The first written mentions about Klenovec are from 1340 in a deed of donation of the Duke Tomáš from Sedmohrad located in an evangelic archive in Rimavská Sobota.

Historical documents represent a proof of Jánošík being captured by policemen of Liptov in Klenovec in 1713 witnessed by Jánošík´s statement on the court, a court file.

Points of interest, remarkables and rarities

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From the monuments is the most important the Classicistic Church on a hill from 1787. Interior equipment is from the 19th century. The Baroque font is of red marble from the first half of the 18th century. Building of the Church of the Baptists Fraternity Union is interesting, too.


The past of Klenovec tells about some important persons as Ladislav Bartolomeides - an important representative of the Enlightment, historian, geographer and evangelic priester, Mária Bancíková - a national artist, actress of the SND, Pavel Koniar - an important zoologist and biologist, then Karol Salva - publisher, publicist and an important Slovak nationalist and Vladimír Mináč - writer.
Natives of present-day - Michal Jakabšic - academic painter and Helena Rampáková - actress of the SND.

Two children´s folk groups Zornička and Mladosť and a folk group FS Vepor represent our village not only at various festivals in the Slovak Republik, but also in foreign countries. Every year there are organised the Gemer-Malohontské feasts in the frame of the Days of traditional culture in Klenovec.

In the village there is also a folk group Upre-Roma, nowadays belongs to organization the Romani culture, every year they organise the Roma festival.

Klenovec is surrounded by high hills, there is a very beautiful environment, the Vepor´s hills belong to landscape protected area the Muránska plateau, therefore there is an opportunity for walking and tourism and during the winter time they offer excellent conditions for skiing - two skilifts.

They offer excellent conditions for paragliding - flying on parachute gliders, under damm which supplies drinking water for the district Rimavská Sobota, there is a summer swimming pool with water filtering, regulation and solar heating, it is one of the most sought after in the district.

Surroundings of Klenovec form very good conditions for development of cycle-tourism, collecting of mushrooms, woodland fruits and hunting.
Sheep breeding is much wide-spread in the village connected with production of cheese and weaving of sheep´s wool very sought after by persons interested not only from Slovakia, but from foreign countries, too. In addition to this wood-carvers and basket-makers deal with folk creation.

Translation: Hošková

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