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Mikroregion Teplý Vrch


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Village was established in year 1334 under original name Karazkov, today’s title Kraskovo has used since 1920. Čertov vrch, Krásna hôrka, Meznákov dvor, and Nad mlyn are the part of the village. Village is situated at 716 hectares and 421 metres high above the sea level. It is situated in Southeast part of Slovak Rudohorie, on the flat back between valley of Rimava and valley of Blh. Non-forest relict surface of highlands are created by pyroclastic of andesits.

Village is mentioned since 1334, but it existed in the middle of 13.century. It belonged to archbishop of Kaločs, since 14.century to family Kačica, in modern times to several yeoman families. Village had market’s law in the St. Ladislav´s day, like the patron of the village. Turks gutted Kraskovo in 1555 and they made it charge. In the 1828 village had 43 houses and 323 inhabitants. Apart from agriculture they shot for production of wooden utensil and wooden gear.

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church in village Kraskovo

Church is evangelic, early-gothic, from 13.century, rebuild in 15.century, gothic mural from 14.century, renaissance altar from the 1668, wooden painted choir from the 1669 and painted ceiling from the 1758 according to fragments older Renaissance from the 1562. Bellhouse is wooden, renaissance from the 1657. There is gravestone of A.H.Škultéty like the monument of The Slovak National Uprising from the 1952.
Village is built by system of terraced houses. Since 19.century are the houses walled. There are folk gravestones on the local cemetery.

In the village had worked in years 1804-1812 Samuel Reuss, collector of lores and in years 1875-1892 August Horislav Škultéty, educationist and collector of lores, who is buried there.

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