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The village Krpeľany is situated in north-eastern part of the Turčianska hollow. Its terrier lies from 409m above sea level to the crest part of the Veľká Fatra (The Greater Fatra) which the highest point is Kopa (1187m above sea level). The village is spread below the Krpelianska dam which is the first stage of so-called the Hornovážska cascade. The first written mention originates from the year 1430 from a document of the monarch Žikmund of Luxembourg. The village had been part of Sučany castle county. Nowadays terrier of the village has an acreage of 1389 ha with 1100 inhabitants.


The dominant of the village is Krpelianska dam (already mentioned) with water areas with a new artificial constructed watercourse of the Váh river and channel. Since the year 1953 thanks to this construction it began a brand-new history of the village signate with a new urban solution.
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Location of the village belongs to a beautiful north-eastern part of the Veľká Fatra. Herewith were made favourable conditions for entry to tourist lanes and trails to this mountain. From the village there is an access to the Veľká Fatra magistral, which is very known by lovers of nature and tourism not only from the Slovakia but from foreign countries, too. 

The destination of the most frequent tourist trails is a climb on the top of Kopa situated at the line of the magistral. It has been organised for more than two decades common tourist climbs from the village to this peak from the whole Slovakia. 

To the other sport experience belongs skiing. The village possesses a ski-lift 400m in lenght with capacity 400 persons per hour. The other zones of well-spent time is an area of a sports association with adjacent sports grounds for ball-games, water areas for bathing, rowing and fishing

There are private recreational cottages and boarding-houses in terrier of the village. Private taverns offer a day-long food. A boast of our village is the Village folklore group Tiešňavan which boosts almost 30 years village folklore around the Slovakia. A part of this collective is the Children´s folklore group and the Children´s folk music Drienča. 

Thanks to very good location the village has suitable conditions for traffic, railway and bus connection. In the village are preserved some handicrafts: basket-making, weaving, wood-carving, painting, needlework and so on.


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