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Lovčica Trubín

 Attraction highlighting: Roman-Catholic Church

Village Lovčica-Trubín began to write its common history on 9 July 1971, when village Lovčica was connected with village Trubín in one village.
Nowadays 1468 inhabitants live here and its extension is 3458ha. Absolute altitude is from 330m above sea level and the terrier to 833m above sea level, terrain is very broken.

The first written mention about village is from the Parish office in Svätý Kríž nad Hronom where is reported in the years 1253-1260 a priest from Svätý Kríž used to come to the Church in Trubín for saying Masses.


From generation to generation many verbal reports about history are preserved. For example: in place where the terrier of Trubín is situated, also on an opposite hill named Trubínec, there met trumpeters, who were calling a meeting of hunters for a hunt and they finished this hunt (Slovak - lov) by trumpeting. From this word was derived name for the habitation Lovčica.

Points of interest, remarkables and rarities

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To the worthiest village coats-of-arms in heraldic hierarchy belong speaking coats-of-arms. This speaking coat-of-arms owns our village, too:
  • a motive of crossbow (symbol of Lovčica)
  • a motive of horn (symbol of Trubín)
Connection of both motives into a heraldic impressive composition creates an ideal coat-of-arms which has become a speaking coat-of-arms of united village Lovčica-Trubín after its taking into a shield. The final version of this coat-of-arms is:
In blue shield over a silver, gold smithed hunter´s horn an upwards directed gold crossbow with a silver bowstring and with a silver arrow.

Flag of village Lovčica-Trubín consists of five vertical strips of colours of blue (1/8), yellow (2/8), blue (2/8), white (2/8) and blue (1/8).

Seal of village Lovčica-Trubín is round, in the middle of the seal with the coat-of-arms and words OBEC LOVČICA-TRUBÍN in a circle. It is 35mm of average.

The Lovčica Chapel

Dominant of the village is the Roman-Catholic Church already mentioned in the year 1487 as an old one. It is located in the part of Trubín.
The Lovčica Chapel situated at the entrance into the village, is from the 18th century.

In 1950 was founded a minor agricultural cooperative and a modern agricultural cooperative as its successor is famous not only in our village, but thanks to qualitative milk products is well-known also behind frontiers of our district.

In the village was established an elementary school for the first stage (for 4 classes). In the year 2000 the Ministry of Education in the Slovak Republik borrowed a honorary title the Elementary school of Karol Bielek Lovčica-Trubín. During the action "Z" a kindergarten of two classes was built in the village.
Nowadays a new building of Office, post office and library are being constructed, and also gas pipelines and construction of pavement is prepared.

Regularly is taken care on a sports area and in Agačin, which is a part of this area and where summer parties are organised.

In the terrier of Lovčica near the Dérer mill is situated the Dubník - a motorway restaurant and a water dam famous as " Bejvoč" where trout is grown, therefore the water dam is very attractive not only for lovers of swimming, but for fishers, too. In the part of Trubín is located a not large, but by fishers a very visited pond administrated by the local agricultural cooperative.

Village is loyal to hunting. In its hunter´s association "Hrádok" are a lot of hunters not only from our village. This name got from name of an area in the village where a wooden castle for hunters was built in the past. Nowadays hunters do not own this castle, but they own a self-helped built hunter cottage "Pod sulinou".

Translation: Hošková

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