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 Attraction highlighting: Permanent settlement of village is known from 14

I submit this information material for all, whose like village Lozorno, live here, elect Lozorno like their homes, and those, whose come there for a visit and with tourist trace, to know this village better.
Permanent settlement of village is known from 14, century. In this time was in this village built chapel and there lived more people. Their habitations they built near Suchý stream, which flood from mountains Little Carpathians. Village belonged to mastership of Borinka - Stupava with castle Pajštún.
This information booklet, the first of this kind about our village, has been used mostly to us.

Village Lozorno
Village Lozorno

When we want to know more about parish Lozorno, we are listing in historical documents. I find brief historical head about Lozorno´s history, it is the book: " Series parochiarum et parochum archi - dioecesis Trigoniensis ad atiquissimis temporibus usque annum MDCCCXCIX (1899).
According to this historical head Lozorno was situated in of Bratislava, i. e. in belonged to Stupava´s deanship. At the time was Lozorno branch of parish Zohor, what mean that in Lozorno don´t lived parish priest from Zohor.
Till hundred years later in year 1729 Lozorno became parish. Since this year was established registry.
At then time was the " patron " (patron = human, who look after church and pastorate) was count Károlyi de Nagykároly.
Around the origin church was cemetery. Today's cemetery became to use around the years 1827 - 1831. (According to the year at the cross on the cemetery, when is listed the year 1831). The existence of clerical school we can class to beginning of 19, century. Clerical school worked to year 1933, than the problem of education and culture took over the school " burgher's school", which was situated at the west end village, in the direction to Bratislava. In this time, when the education took over to burgherś school, children from Záhorská ves wait to Plavecké Podhradie and Rohožník visited this school.


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