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Severne Podpolanie


 Attraction highlighting: mineral spring with a fine acidulous water

Village Lukavica is situated 340m above sea level in Central Slovakia in the district Zvolen. It is located in the Zvolenská hill country 13km to the north of Zvolen. According to the last census 178 inhabitants live in the village.
The first written reference originates from 1250. Village belonged to the castle county, but from the 16th century there were Curia´s areas. Inhabitants were famous as keeper of birds. Matej Bel had remained competitions in catching birds taking place here every year in the autumn.

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Points of interest, remarkables and rarities

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Village Lukavica is a village of terrace houses spread along a brook, where is situated the Neo-Gothic bell-tower from the latest third of the 19th century. Restored in 1950 and 1992. The bell-tower is a blocked rustic house, roofed like a pyramid, the bell came from 1920. There are only one shop with mixed goods and a pub. Further there is seat of the local library and reconstructed Cultural House.

Lukavica 2

Tourism: Village is 6km away from the nearest spa town Sliač, from the district Zvolen 13km and from the country town Banská Bystrica 13km. Terrier of the village is intersected by tourist and cycle-tourist pathes Zvolen-Banská Bystrica. Path to the Poľana is connected with the tourist path. That means, village can offer its nature beauties for tourism. There was founded the Organisation for development of country tourism struggling to attract not only domestic, but also foreign visitors into our village.

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