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The first written mention originates from the year 1244. 
The town Michalovce is situated on the northern edge of the Laborec plain. From the plain with an average altitude of 114m get off two wooden uphills. The characteristic dominant Hrádok is at an altitude of 163m, the White hill where was found mineral halloyzit is at an altitude of 159m. The town belongs to warm climate, the average annual rainfall is about 500 – 700 mm.
The average number of sunshine days is about 2200 hours/year. These conditions are so attractive for visitors of Zemplínska šírava (water reservoir) which offers a lot of opportunities of summer tourism and fishing for its tourists thanks to its area of 33 km2
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The surrounding hills are a paradise for mushroom collectors, Vihorlat at an altitude of 1076m becomes very often a destination of lovers of wandering.

In the town there are many institutes, engineering and agricultural companies, and companies of manufacturing industry in operation.

There are nine elementary schools, five technicial high school (four years), five technicial schools (three years) and two gymnasiums. In addition to this there are two branch offices of universities. One of these belongs to the University of Economics in Bratislava and the other to the Medial Faculty of the University of Cyril and Metod in Trnava.

For town visitors is disposable a sufficient amount of boarding-houses (board and lodging). In the area of culture act the Zemplínske museum, regional and local cultural departments, the district library, the district observatory, Lúč – the centre of leisure time and house of the Matica slovenská in the town. Further there are issued three periodicals, since the 1st of January 2000 is constituted a local information television channel.

The town is developing some friendship relationships with towns Vyškov (the Czech Republic), Vila Real (Spain), Jaroslaw (Poland), Užhorod (the Ukraine).
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The Sztaray monastery
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