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 The municipality of Nemecka is located in the western part of the Horehronie valleys and belongs to the Brezno region. It is surrounded from the north by the Nizke Tatry mountains and the from the south by the Slovenske Rudohorie mountains. 

The size of the municipality measures out to approximately 2464 hectares and consists of a population of only 1780 people. 

Nemecka was established by the formation of 3 smaller villages, which today are now local boroughs. "Nemecka nad Hronom's ", first noted reference dates back to the year of 1281. It was first founded by German colonists,  who were in search of iron-ore deposits. Dubova borough, which was originally called Pohronsky Svaty Mikulas first noted reference was written in the year of 1332. The origin of Zamostie borough dates back to year of 1424. In the past, these two boroughs feuded over parts of the Lucianske estate.

Places of Interest
vrᝠma na začiatok strany
Nemecka's coat of arms is based on a stamp from the 19th century, the stamp beared a heart with three roses encircled by the word "Nemecka". 


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In Nemecka, there are monuments dedicated to the people who were tortured to death, along with a memorial room and a torso incinerator where 900 people died in January of 1945.


In the years of 1888-89, deviser Jozef Murgas worked as a chaplain in the church of Saint Mikulas.

The surroundings of the Nemecka area offer suitable accommodations and service facilities at a very reasonable price for visitors on a tight budget. The beautifully natural surroundings of Nemecka invites visitors for hiking and all terrain cycling during the summer seasons and for skiing in the southern slopes of the Chopok Hill during the winter and spring seasons.

vrᝠma na začiatok strany

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