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Mikroregion Bošáčka


Nová Bošáca

 Attraction highlighting: strings of mineral waters

About 20km in the direction of Nové Mesto, under the third highest peak of the White Carpathians – Veľký Lopeník is situated village Nová Bošáca. At this place the Bošácka valley is divided in two parts – the northern and western parts. End of the Bošácka valley forms a very interesting land with some typical settlements and hamlets 34km2 in area. Nová Bošáca was founded in the year 1950 after detaching 23 settlements from Bošáca.

Coat-of-arms of village represents a plum-tree in a white field with initials of Cyril and Method whom is consecrated a local church to.
Village is situated in the protected landscape area The White Carpathians, absolute altitude 306m, 1300 inhabitants.

Nová Bošáca
Sight village Nová Bošáca

Path for cycling:
Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Dolné Srnie, Bošáca, Zemianske Podhradie, Nová Bošáca, the frontier crossing to the Moravia – Březová.
Trenčianske Bohuslavice, Haluzice, Bošáca, Zemianske Podhradie, Nová Bošáca.
Signed and not signed tourist pathes pass our village.

Accommodation in a tourist boarding-house.

Address: Obecný úrad Nová Bošáca, 913 08
Phone: 00421 / 32 / 7780156.

Points of interest, remarkables and rarities

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There are some natural remains in village Nová Bošáca in the protected landscape area White Carpathians:
  • Močariny – is a worth refuge for fauna mainly for shellfish. Occurence of species of mammals like voles and neomys anomalus.
  • Grúň – meadows with plants of orchidaceae family. Also natural formations Lopeníček and Blažejová.
  • Bescinné – area with occurence of iris. Territory of village is rich in mixed forests (occurence of edible mushrooms).
  • Veľký Lopeník (912m) – a big occurence of snowdrops.
  • In the area of village there are many springs of mineral water (acidulous waters): Španie, U Obchodnických, Predpoloma, Šance.

Items of interest:
  • Natural amphitheatre Španie, in the summertime many cultural activities and dancing parties.
  • The Cenotaphs from the World War II – settlements Španie and Grúň, local cemetery.
  • The Church of St Cyril and Method from the year 1972 with some wall paintings of Vincent Hložník.

Translation:  Bendíková

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