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Actual position Village Kyjatice
 Attraction highlighting:  Evangelic Church, Archeological monument
Kyjatice-Culture of Kyjatice
Culture of Kyjatice
The village of Kyjatice is small but historically important village situated in the beautiful natural scenery. It takes only a few minutes to get to the village from Rimavské Brezové (5 km from Kyjatice).
The first reference of Kyjatice dates from the 13th century.
In 1941, archaeologist Prof. Vojtech Budinský-Křička has started a crucial archaeological research of this area and found 52 old burials dating from the Stone Age. The research continued under the supervision of Dr. Václav Furmánek PhD. in 1974 and 1985. Both researchers found plenty of historical objects such as axes, pieces of knife, bronze pieces etc. The research uncovered that people in the past were skillful in agriculture and farming, they were making various useful bronze bits and pieces. If someone from the settlement died, they cremated dead body and put ash into a small hole in the ground. They covered the hole with stones which looked like stone box. It represented the typical feature of their culture and habits.
The research was carried out in the settlement itself and some pieces of ceramics, household utensils and fire places were found too. There was no written reference found about that period of time. All findings and burials are unique and have never been found anywhere else in the world. They are called examples of Kyjatická culture dating from 11th -7th century B.C.
After the research was finished in 1985, the archeological monument was erected and can be found about 400 meters north from village of Kyjatice.
Points of interest, remarkables and rarities
The village church was built in the gothic style and its interior is really beautiful. Wall paintings with religious themes are dating from the late 14th century and 15th century. All paintings were made locally and experts can see influence of Italian painting school on those pictures. The altar and pulpit are also very unique. The church was renovated and new benches were put inside. In 1994 all works in the church were finished and local inhabitants and other people can enjoy services and worships.
The village has been the centre of toy production in the past. Toys, little cupboards, chairs and stools were made of hard wood. This tradition has slowly died but some examples of toys can be found in the local houses.
Church's interier
If you want to stay in the area of Kyjatice, a guest house in Teplý Vrch (nearby village) is a good place to do so.
All visitors are welcome in our village!


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