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Actual position Town Nitra
 Attraction highlighting:  Cyril and Metod in the Veľka Morava

Town Nitra-place where our ancestors decided to settle was once ideal from a strategic point of view. Thanks to good geographical and climatic conditions, this place was ideal not only for tribe development but also for effective defence. This is why the history of culture-forming settlements goes back to the Stone Age, with many archaeological findings, archive documents and historical reports which document and confirm this fact.
Nitra became a center of European importance, especially in the 9th century, mainly in connection with the missionary activity of the Thessalonian brothers, St. Constantine and St. Methodius.
Since 880, Nitra has been the seat of the bishop almost continuously. After Methodius scholar were expelled and all of the Great Moravian heritage destroyed (886-891), Nitra became the main representative of Latin culture in Slovakia.
Over the centuries, Nitra was affected and altered by different events. Periods of development often changed to stagnation. Obtaining medieval municipal rights 750 years ago was decisive for Nitra.

The ruler Bela IV was grateful for the protection of his royal company against the Tartars and gave Nitra municipal rights in 1248. This event strongly influenced Nitra´s development in the Middle Ages.
Today Nitra is modern town. It is seat of district and regional state institutions. Nitra is an important economic center with a prosperous chemical industry and well development agriculture and food-processing industries.
Places of Interest
The town can be proud of the largest exhibition area in Slovakia - the Agrokomplex exhibition grounds annually host a wide range of international exhibitions. The Slovak Agriculture University, the University of Constantine the Philosopher, several libraries, grammar and secondary schools are all here. Other significant places include some of the extensive scientific institutions, for example, the Research Institution for Animal Reproduction, and the Archaeological Institution of the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

Among the institutions which promote science and art are Nitra Region Museum, the Missionary Museum, the Municipal Museum of Historical Vehicles, Slovak Agriculture Museum, the Art Gallery, the Puppet Theatre, and the Theatre of Andrej Bagar which is especially important.
There are many cultural theatre and music festivals held in our town for these reasons, Nitra is the subject of wide interest and tourism.

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