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Actual position Village Pača
 Attraction highlighting:  Castle Krásna Hôrka

The village of Pača is situated on the edge of two districts - the District of Rožňava and District of Revúca. Surrounded by many hills of the mountain range known as Slovenské rudohorie, this village is located in the short distance from the village of Krásnohorské Podhradie (approx. 3 km). This neighboring village has attracted many visitors who like to explore history and present life behind one of the most visited castles in Slovakia known as Krásna Hôrka.
The village is also a good starting point for walkers who come to this area to explore the natural beauty of surrounding mountains and want to capture some of the panorama views of the hills and valleys, including the views of the High Tatras, the highest mountains in Slovakia which can be seen in the distance. Majority of these walking paths include following spots: Rákoš, Čertova skala, Ostrý vrch, Panský vrch, Pipitky and Volovec.
The relief of the village is quite changeable, the center of the village is situated only 428 metres above sea level, other parts of Pača vary from 400 metres up to 1252 metres above sea level. This small village is a home for 643 people who enjoy a rural and tranquil life, spectacular mountain views around them and fresh morning air.
The earliest reference to the stream which goes through the village of Pača (known as Pačiansky potok) dates from 1291. However there are some indications that the original inhabitants of Pača (known as Pačania) had lived in this area, below the hill of Volovec, well before 1291. The name of the village was given after the Slavic family of travelers known as Paka or Pača. This part of the country has been hardly inhabited until the late 13th century. During the following centuries this place has attracted various travelers and families from different regions including some Ukraine shepherds who tended their sheep and also families from the neighboring Spiš region. These early inhabitants were either sheep or goat shepherds or farmers. They traveled from place to place until they finally settled down by the local stream (known as Pačiansky potok). Together with the original inhabitants of Pača, they established a small village which was firstly named "Pachapataka" referring to the local stream and later it became known as Paccza or Pača. The earliest written reference of the village called Pača dates from 1338.
The village has formerly belonged to the owners of the nearby castle (known as Krásna Hôrka). It was the member of the Mariassy family who owned Pača village in the early years of its existence (from 1290 until 1352); later the village belonged to the members of the wealthiest family of that era - the Bebek family. The villagers were privileged to have several rights however they carried out numerous duties (such as military service for man). They only paid small shepherd's fees to their leader instead of high village taxes. The shepherd's leader played an important role in the community and was the official communicator between the castle and ordinary people. The following centuries did not have such a big impact on the life in the village of Pača. Nowadays the life in this small village reflects the slow pace of living and in general this village has got a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.


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