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Actual position Village Padarovce
 Attraction highlighting:  Wine producing

The village is situated in the District of Rimavská Sobota. There are assumptions that the village has been established in 13th century and until the beginning of 15th century it was divided into two parts - the Lower Padarovce and Upper Padarovce. The Lower Padarovce, also known as Small Padarovce, died out in 16th century. The village was originally owned by the family of Driencansky (Derencsény), later it had various owners such as Muránsky family, Koháry family or Coburg family. The exact dates of the ownership are not known. The village was joint to Hungary from 1938 until 1945.
The old local inhabitants are the best source to find out some crucial historical facts. They say that people in the past were occupied by farming and agriculture, the area was full of fruit trees and skillful craftsmen produced local pottery. The historical coats of arms has grape leafs theme which gives an idea about the local wine industry. The present coats of arms are very similar to the historical version and also display wine theme. It is very unique symbol which has not been found in any other village producing wine.
The local stamp dating from 18th century also pictures wine barrel, grape knife and bunch of grapes. The lower part of this symbol displays the name of the village in Hungarian language - PADAR. The stamp imprint dating from 1865 and 1866 was found on several historical documents.
The local stamp was used until early 20th century and was slightly modified in the mid 19th century. It contained a short text saying GEMEINDE PADÁR and the stamp imprint was found on the document dating from 1866.

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