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Actual position Village Polomka
 Attraction highlighting:  Hand made folk art & needlecraft
Polomka-Plane view on village
Plane view on village
Welcome to POLOMKA!
Several interesting facts about Polomka:
Average annual temperature is 6 degrees of Celsius
The centre of the village is situated 628 metre above the sea level
There is regular and convenient railway connection from Brezno to Telgart which is well used and very popular amongst locals and tourists.
Traditional costumes and hats are worn not only for special occasions. Plenty of local villagers dress up for church service or a Sunday short walk in the streets of Polomka. The costumes are made of linen which has been beautifully embroided by local women. The costume reflects many ethnographical features of this region.

Folk art and needlecraft are closely connected with the life in the village. Hand made pottery, hand weaved carpets and other genuine objects can be purchased as souvenirs - they are not only genuine but also beautiful pieces made by local craftsmen.
Traditional food dishes must include the local cheeses, drinks and sweets. Fresh crusty piece of local bread dipped in one of savory dishes is an absolute must in one of the local restaurants.
The village of Polomka is just a short distance away from the district town of Brezno. The village itself is nestled in the valley of Hron River and surrounded by magnificent Slovakian mountain ranges of Low Tatras and Muranska plain.
The earliest historical references about Polomka date from 14th century when the village was established as a result of colonization. The first written reference dates from 1525.
Numerous famous Slovakian people have been born in Polomka or are connected with this charming village in one way or another. Mr. Michal Chudik - writer, diplomat and politician was born in Polomka. He became well - known for his authentic novels and short stories. Historian Jozef Mesiarkin spent a lot of his time researching history of Polomka and wrote a book about his native village. Politician and military general Mikulas Ferjencik was another well known political figure who was born in this small Slovakian village. And even Mrs. Maria Kralova (neé Modranyova), the wife of famous Slovak poet Janko Kral, was born in Polomka. Her granddaughter Irena Kralova used to be a teacher at the local primary school. Mrs. Kralova's gravestone can be found in the local churchyard.
There are numerous interesting and historically valuable buildings in the village of Polomka. The Village museum was build in 1725 by Earl Stefan Kohary. This simple historical building is listed as one of the National Cultural Monuments of Slovak Republic. For more information about this cultural and historical building, please contact the local Tourist Information Centre on +421 48 619 3397.
Local manor house was also built in the late 18th century during Koharys' reign. The Roman Catholic church represents the main feature of the village. It was built in 1669. Three years later it was surrounded by church walls. The main interior features of this old church are the altar painting which dates from 1847 and the pulpit which was has got many early baroque features. It was constructed in the late 17th century. There are several chapels in the around Polomka. These quiet places were built by various local priests and locals to serve local community with a bit of peace and tranquility.

The life of this village evolves around many cultural and sporting events which are organized all year round. There are plenty of cycle paths to choose from - shorter 4 km - long paths as well as longer ones which are just over 30 km long. Beautiful corners of unspoilt nature can be found in this beautiful part of the country. Water rafting and fishing are also popular activities for tourists and visitors of Polomka. The village's own sporting centre offers plenty of choice - from regular football matches to more wild rodeos. Winter season does not get neglected either. There are several small skiing resorts which offer plenty of choice for beginners and advanced skiers. The local ski lift is over 1.5 km long which makes it the longest lift in the region. The ski centre offers ski hire and plenty of advice for cross - country skiing. There are a few small food stalls which offer hot food and variety of hot and cold drinks. For those who prefer ice skating, there is a ring for just that. And for those who like indoor sports, there is a small but well equipped gym with all the fitness machinery.
Calendar of local events is heaving with many interesting days of fun and pleasure. The year usually starts with horse sledge competition with takes place in early February. Dog team competition is another popular event which takes place locally in late February each year. Local singing and dancing groups get a chance to perform their skills at the annual folk festival which takes place in May. The national horse riding competition is another annual event with has high popularity in the region and the whole country. It takes place in August. Wild west comes to Polomka in July. The popular rodeo and horse riding challenge day is the regular get - together for many Slovak cowboys who gather in Polomka to perform their well - earned skills. September is the month for a bit of bicycle action. Polomka is the centre of International Mountain Bike Competition which is very popular amongst children and adults of all ages. Another competition - this time a horse competition - takes place in September. Further events include the village fun days, poetry and prose competitions, cookery competitions, fire brigade presentations, local fairs and special interest exhibitions. The local villagers certainly known how to enjoy their rural life and they can spice it up with so many interesting cultural and sporting events. For more information about the calendar of local events, please contact the local Tourist Information Centre on +421 48 6193 397.
There are numerous privately owned guest houses in Polomka which offer good quality accommodation and warm Slovakian hospitality and charm.


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