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Actual position Town Brezno
 Attraction highlighting:  Mariansky pole

The town Brezno is situated directly in the heart of Slovakia. It lies in the beautifully natural surroundings in the centre of the Horehronie valley of the inner Breznianske basin. The town is protected from the north by the Nizke Tatry range and from the south by the Slovenske Rudohorie range. The country side has been formed for a long length of time by the upper part of the Hron river.
The town of Brezno is called the gate-way to the touristic surroundings of the Nizke Tatry, Cierny Hon and Horehronie areas.
The town has a rich historical background as it originally began as a mining settlement. The oldest written reference dates back to the year of 1265. In 1380, Brezno was granted town privileges by king Ludovit I. and in 1650, Brezno entered the independent union of royal towns.
Places of Interest:
The town hall: this renaissance building was built in the 16th century. During the period of 1779-1780 it was rebuilt in a late barok style. Today, it is the seat of the Information Centre and the Horehronie Museum, where the permanent exposition about the life and culture of the people of Horehronie is exhibited. One of the most interesting attractions of the museum is the "Treasure of Brezno", which dates back from the Late Bronze Age, and was discovered in the year of 1882. Parts of the treasure are exhibited there. In the old town house of the 16th century is the seat of the permanent exhibition of "Brezno, in the changing of time". The piaristic monastery, a barok styled structure built in the years of 1694-1713 was reconstructed later into classical area. Inside the monastery´s chapel beside the wing of the alter is the painting of St. Barbora and the polychrome carving of the Holy Madonna with a child which were created in the late 15th century.
The town Tower: a classical era structure built in the year of 1830, and served as a watch tower and bell tower in the past.
The "Mariansky pole", a barok monument that stands on the spot of the first parsonage church which burned to the ground in the year of 1517.
Dominating the urban premises of the town of Brezno is distinct town square with its uniqueness of form and extent in all of Slovakia.
In the surroundings of Brezno there are plenty of sporting activities for winter, as well as summer seasons, when possible.

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