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Actual position Village Brhlovce
 Attraction highlighting:  Rock dwellings

The village Brhlovce lies in a basin surrounded by gentle slopes that belong to the southern bottom of the Štiavnické Mountain Range. It is 15 kilometres away eastwards the regional town Levice.
The shape of the village neighbourhood was formed by the tertiary volcanic activity. The evidence are the localities here of porous andesitic tuffs and tuffits. In the valley of the village there is a beginning of the stream Búr.
The land here was settled already in Stone Age. The first written reference preserved from 1245 and it was recorded under a name of Burfen, later as Horné Brhlovce. In the 16th century arose another yeomanry village in the area, which was documented in 1542 as Boorfeni, later Tegsesborfo and Dolné Brhlovce. The fusion of two autonomous villages Dolné Brhlovce and Horné Brhlovce came in 1952 under the present name Brhlovce.
Points of interest, remarkables and rarities:

It has become a well-known resort for the inland and foreign tourists because of its rock dwellings hewn into the easy processing tuff and tuffit in the local part known as "Šurda". There is a whole street with residential and commercial rooms in the rock. In 1983 the street was declared as the Folk architecture reserve. Also two folk houses outside the Architectural reserve in the village belong there.
A rocky dwelling, settlement number 142 was given an international award Europa Nostra 1993 for saving and restoration of the architectural monument.
On the score of a remarkable attention of the visitors on these valuable and unique monuments the Museum of Tekov established a museum exposition in the settlement nr.142 in 1992 in Levice. It documents the local specific form of the folk habitation, civil engineering and the housing culture of the Brhlovce residents.

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