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Actual position Village Roštár
 Attraction highlighting:  Mining and iron production
The village of Roštár is situated in the South Eastern part of mountain range known as Slovenské rudohorie, near the point where the Roštársky and Hankovský streams converge.
The earliest written reference to the village dates from 1318. Historical documents of the family called Ákošovci reveal that the village was originally known as "Rester" which derives from the German language.
Mining and iron production were the two major industries which grew within the village over the past few centuries. Roštár was owned by several powerful families including the family of Bebek - Csetneky. In 1639, František Balassa de Gyarmath ravaged this village and killed almost all its inhabitants. A few people survived this massacre and they were joined by several other families who together reestablished this village. Unfortunately, another fire in 1689 destroyed the village again and plague over early 18th century took life of over 130 people.
The village has grown since all these tragedies happened and now is considered to be a small village with a good general infrastructure.
The first ever school in this village was opened in late 16th century (1590 - 1592) which gave basic education to children of that era.


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