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Actual position Town Rožňava
 Attraction highlighting:  The Gothic cathedral church Nanebovzatia panny Márie
Rožňava-View of Rožňava
View of Rožňava
More than 700 yaers old mine city lies directly in the heart of Horný Gemer, which offers to its visitors many uncommon experiences in every season of the year. Rožňava is a district with 20 000 inhabitants. It is an important center of tourism and a starting point for knowing natural beauties and cultural – historical monuments this beautiful area. Every road from the city goes to unique touristic atractivities like castle Krásna Hôrka, manor – house Betliar – the owner of the prestige award Europa Nostra and unique caves registrated in the UNESCO list :
Domica, Gobasecká, Jasovská and Ochtinská aragonit cave. The city is an excellent starting point for trips to Slovenský kras and it is one of touristic way – stops called Gotic road.
The first written mention of Rožňava comes from year 1291, when the king Ondrej III. gave this area to archibishop of Ostrihom. The whole history of the town is conneccted with profitable production of gold, silver, copper and afterwaeds iron are, what became the basis prime of architecture, culture, education, art and handicrafts.
Places of Interest
At the end of the 15th century arose todays well known urbanistic structure of historic center of the city, built out from the largest medieval square in Slovakia, surrounded by boastful bourgeois houses and from net of streets. Here are situated most of architectonic city monuments like: renesance guard – tower, town hall, bishop palace, vincentic manor – house, building of late mine chamber, evangelic church one of the rarest classic buildings in Slovakia. The nicest and at the same time the most important monument of the city is a gothic cathedral church Nanebovzatia panny Márie from the 14th century. Historial center can be admired by visitors also from outlook of the renesance guard – tower.
With rich mine history of the city museum, near which is established an exposition presenting colourful nature of Slovenský kras and new established historical exposition.
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