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Actual position Village Šelpice
 Attraction highlighting:  The church of King Christ
Šelpice-View of village
View of village
Šelpice village is situated 6 kilometres northwest from town called Trnava. Its area was populated in the Stone Age and archaeologists have conserved plenty of cultural artefacts and historical tools from this rich archaeological patch.
The first writen reference about the existence of this village comes from 1249 when Czech King Václav donated Šelpice to the monastery in Tišnov. The history of Šelpice is also very much connected with the Červený Kameň castle. It was built in 1230 by Queen Konštancia, wife of Přemysl Otakar I. In 1530, the village was abandoned and burned by Turks and was populated again in 1539 when new family called Fugger bought the Červený Kameň castle. Majority of inhabitants living in the 16th century came from the Balkan area and was of Croatian origin. Those people were running away from the Turkish invasion.
In 1777, Šelpice village has got 356 inhabitans. This number decreased in 1831 when the plague of illness killed 34 people.
In terms of religious partition, Šelpice belongs to the parish of Bohdanovce. It has had its priest since 1332. We can also find a place called Nemečanka in the same area. It was a small village established by Germans in the past and it existed until 1393. In 1540, 5 Croatian families settled down there but later on they left the place and since 1618 it is not inhabited anymore.
Šelpice-The church of King Christ
The church of King Christ
The main street of Šelpice has got an important historical significance – it is the part of a famous European path called „ The Czech Path“.
Places of Interest
There are a few people who were born in Šelpice and became famous, for instance Prof. ThDr. Jozef M. Heriban who was missionary, writer and teacher or Prof. Augustín Nádoský – teacher and pioneer in the area of literature history and science.
Šelpice-The main altar
The main altar
In 1994, Šelpice village celebrated its 754 the anniversary of the first writen reference and the book writen by Mr Marián Babirát was issued because of this occasion.


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Šelpice-Statue of. St. Jan Nepomucký
Statue of. St. Jan Nepomucký

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