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Staré Hory

Actual position Village Staré Hory
 Attraction highlighting:  Lace making of Staré Hory
Staré Hory-

Stare Hory is considered to be the oldest mining village in surrounding area of Banska Bystrica. There had also been discoveries of old stone tools used for mining of the ore in the extracted mine waste. One of the most important stages of development was reached around the time between the 15th and 16th century. During this period, a large smeltering plant was built, this in return, caused more development such as the lumbering of trees and the processing of coal.
The village is situated at the Nizke Tatry and the Velka Fatra junction. The center of the village lies elevated at 472 meters above sea level.
The surrounding area of the village offers tourists plentiful hiking trails for summer, as well as for winter seasons in these respective areas:
from the Velka Fatra through the Turiec, or from Rybo to Majerova skala, to Kralova studna, to Sedlo, to Cierny kamen and to Borisov.
from Nizke Tatry, through the Richardova, the Haliar and Jelenska valley down to Jelenska skala; to the Spanodolinsky Sturec and to Sachticku. There are also selfguiding educational pathways to the Donovaly, Kaliste, Balaze, Spania valley and Pohronie areas.
Staré Hory-

When possible, the surroundings of the village offer skiing activities in the Krizna and Donovaly areas.
The village can also accommodate up to 250 visitors with the availability of 2 motels, mountain cottage and private homes offered by village residents.
Earlier, the village is well known for its production of beautifully styled lace embroideries, which lace merchants peddled from home to home all over the Austro-Hungarian region; their production and distribution in the village still prevails to this present time
The attractions of the forests and meadows in the surroundings of the Stare Hory area invite anybody that enjoys to spend their leisure time or holidays in a beautiful natural enviroment with rich floral blossoms, cyclamens, yellow nettles (horec) and other various protected plants. There can also be found wild animals such as deer, roebucks, bears and woodcocks.
Staré Hory-Cyklámen Fatranský
Cyklámen Fatranský
In the protected natural park of the Stare Hory region, one of natures glorious creation the ‘’Majerova skala’’ (Majer’s rock) can be found. This preservation was established to protect this spectacular stone, and together with the endangered species of the flora and fauna enviroment.
In the 15th century, the barok church was built in the village of Stare Hory, which in 1990 was blessed by pope to the Basilica Minor.
The church and mountain well, along with the statue of the Holy Virgin Mary, are well known as a sacred place for pilgrimage, which is still visited by many people today.


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