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Actual position Town Vrbové
 Attraction highlighting:  The Slovak Tower of Pisa
Vrbové-Town Vrbové
Town Vrbové
The earliest written reference of Vrbové dates from 1113. This small Slovak town has developed significantly from Middle Ages till present days. Besides traditional crafts and daily market trading, the viticulture has always played the crucial role in the past centuries, particularly towards the end of 19th century when it reached its peak. In the mid 20th century, the textile company known as Trikota was established in Vrbové, offering working opportunities for local inhabitants and filling the niche on the textile market. It soon became the most popular and leading producer of underwear for ladies in the whole country, specializing in delicate materials and innovative designs.
The town of Vrbové has got just over 6000 inhabitants and is known to be the birthplace of two kings - the king of Slovak football Jozef Adamec and the King of Madagascar Earl Móric Beňovský. For those who search for cultural and historical aspects of this town, there are s everal places not to be missed whilst visiting Vrbové. We would strongly recommend to see the town's tower which is 38 m high. This tower, also known as the Slovak Tower of Pisa, was built in the mid 19th century (1832 - 1835) and currently stands with deflection of almost one meter! For unknown reasons, the tower started to deflect slightly in 1930.
The oldest building of the town is the Church of St. Martin which dates from early 14th century. This church is the place of rest for several relatives of Earl Móric Beňovský. The ashes of his relatives have been carefully placed inside of the tomb in the church. This church is not the only one to be regularly visited by worshipers and visitors of the town. The new church of St. Gorazd was built in 1997 and the Evangelic Church dates from 1929. The town has got its own Synagogue and the Chapel - these are popular places to visit and admire the historical and architectural beauty of old sacral buildings. The town's Manor House was the birthplace of Earl Móric Beňovský, the King of Madagascar who wrote his memorabilia - the bestseller of its times. The Manor House is located in the center of the town.
Traditional fetes and festivals play an important part in the cultural life in Vrbové. They usually take place annually in spring, summer and autumn. They are the most popular events in the town, when majority of citizens come together and celebrate their culture and town's traditions.
Vrbové has got a very good network of educational facilities - there are four kindergartens which are attended by the youngest citizens of Vrbové. There are also two primary schools and one school for children with special needs. For those who are keen on art, music and craft work, there is a special primary school which offers a wide variety of extra curriculum lessons taught by high quality staff. Vrbové has got its own grammar school and textile college.
Translation: Mr. Ľubomír Bosák, Mr. Patrik Kýška

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