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Actual position Village Háj
 Attraction highlighting:  Cultural monument Roman Catholic church of St. Kozmos and Damian.
The village Háj is situated 2 km far from Turčianske Teplice. It was settled down from the bronze and halstadt periods, what supports the archaelogical discoveries on Tlstá hill. This space was settled also during the centuries of Roman period. Great Moravian period is rich in discoveries of princely barrows from the 9th century. The first written mentions of the old village Háj are dating to the half of 13th century. After several decades it belonged to Peter Hájsky and it was settled exclusively by Slovak inhabitants. During the following centuries the village has changed its proprietor for many times.
Háj’s occupiers have been always dealth with agriculture. From the 19th century it has been also cartage, carpentry, incineration of agricultural lime and wooden coal, from the 20th century also flax and cannabis growing, their oil crunching, weaving of canvas, etc.
Háj’s visitors will surely remark its historical monuments. Roman Catholic church with preserved baroque arches was bulit in 18th century and then rebuilt in the 20th century. Originally gothic Roman Catholic church of St. Kozmos and Damian from the 15th century was rebulit many times. The entrance of the church is formed by 2 rich ornamental gothic gantries. The church has preserved its original gothic iron scaling, baroque great altar from the 17th century, pulpit from the beginning of the 18th century and gothic stone baptistery from the 15th century. Augsburg church of evangelic belief was built in mixture of baroque and classic style , in the first quarter of 19th century. Both churches are registered in the list of Slovak cultural monuments.
The village commemorates several notable priests, writers, educationists, most of national revivalists, who were born or performed in Háj. This group of people is formed by such names as Tobias Masník, George Grossmann, George Babka, who was a member of the senate of National Assembly, then Gustáv Dérer or hurbanist – revolutionary Karol Holuby from the 1848, who was under sentence of death after the suppresion of the uprising.
Not all of the Slovak villages can be proud of extraordinary cultural event as the Latin school’s foundation in the 17th century.
Nowadays is Háj visited mainly because of its beautiful natural surrounding and excellent location. It is only 2 km far from Turčianske Teplice and its termal bath, 2,5 km from skiing in Medvedia valley, approximately 9 km from the one of the most beautiful Slovak valleys – Gaderska and Blatnicka ones. If you are looking for a piece of history and culture it is possible to visit Mošovce (8 km), where the Révaj’s mansion, Museum of Mosovce Artisans and Jan Kollar Museum are situated, or you can go to Blatnica to its castle or museum.

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