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Actual position Town Bardejov
 Attraction highlighting:  Municipal relic reservation, Bardejovské spa
Eastern Slovak city Bardejov spreads itself on banks of the river Topľa in Western part of the mountain Low Beskydy and Ondavská highlands. Near borders with Poland provides good conditions for foreign tourism. The city of visitors is charming because of its beautiful surrounding nature, world-known spa and first of all its historical core, which was renowned as Municipal relic reservation in 1950’s.
The first written mention comes from 1241 and is situated in Ipatijevská chronicle. As Bardejov had lied on an important business road between the Black and Baltic Sea, in 1376 raised Hungarian king Ľudovít I. Bardejov to a Free royal city and also enjoined to start building of fortification system.
In the 15th century they noted 51 guilds, in the 16th century originated the humanitarian gymnázium well-known in whoile Hungary. In Bardejov were also 2 printers of Slovak language.
Vast modernisation of Bardejov started after World War II. Other industries, schools, new seats originated and the municipal medieval core has been reconstructed. The city became in 1986 European prize – gold medal – for the core’s reconstruction and in 2000 it was as one of the 5 Slovak object signed to the world’s cultural and natural heritage of UNESCO.
Architectonic dominants of the Municipal relic reservation of Bradejov:
Historical town hall, Gothic-Rennaisance building from 1509 had been a seat of municipal council and has served for business, social and also cultural activities if the inhabitants. On the Southwestern side of the hall remained two hollow poles for measuring corn. On the Northern side one can find the municipal coat-of-arms and on its Southern shiled the plastics of the protector of municipal rights – knight Rolland.
In the place of original sanctuary, in the 14th and 15th century, tehre was built today’s NKP St. Egídius’s Basilica minor. Unique interrior of the church presents eleven gothic richly decorated wing altars, gothic Pastoforium, Golgota, bronze font, benches and many other historical relics. Solitary organ with a great sound coming from the 20th century serves as a concert instrument for festival Organ’s days.
Bardejov’s fortification system is the most preserved municipal defensive rampart in whole Slovakia. The direction to its building was given by the king Ľudovít I. in the half of 14th century, but its building was completed even in the 17th century. The municipal surrounding was formed by castle wall with 3 main municipal gates and 18 bastions, seven of them have preserved.
Municipal visitors usually pay attention to unique historical relics, walkings to the forest park or to Museum of folk architecture, relax nearby baths, in winter they enjoy sport activities in ski centres Makovica, Regetovka, Stebnická Huta ot short trips 10-20 kilometres far, where many wooden churches are situated.

So you are searching for special event during summer vacation? Don’t know where to go for the last weekend in August? If you like spontaneous atmosphere of city fair, merry-go-rounds, the smell of BBQ and roasted sausages and other goodies, cultural program on the square or various merchandise in small shops, all visitors of Eastern Slovakia are reminded to mark their calendars for Thursday August 27th to Sunday, August 30th 2009 that even like that will take place in Bardejov on the square and in near by streets. We can easily say that it is the largest Cultural and Entertainment event (City Fair) in August in this region. There’s something for every visitor.
So now you know where to go – to 38th and historically 658th City Fair – Bardejovský jarmok. The main organizer of all these festivities is the City of Bardejov and you are all welcome to visit our big 4 days long party. The Fair has been growing year after year and attracts thousands of visitors not just from all over the region but also from near-by Poland. Items for sale should include fine jewelry, clothing and leather goods, household goods, toys, sweets, wooden products, baskets, flowers and much more.

Other events during the City Fair Bardejovský jarmok:
During the fair we are also organizing an exposition Bardkontakt 2009 – exposition about building supplies for reconstruction of building, roofs, gardens etc. The exposition will be from Thursday to Sunday. The expected opening of the exposition is August 27th at 9 o’clock in City’s Sport Hall in Bardejov. Part of this exposition is also an auto show on a parking lot in the front of the Sport Hall.  

Polish version of the invitation
Jarmark w Bardejovie w serpniu 2009

Jeżeli nie macie Państwo program na ostatni tydzień sierpnia to zapraszamy do Bardejova na jarmark, gdzie możecie pobawić się w atmosferze karuzeli, skosztować smacznej kiełbaski, zrobić świetne zakupy. Zapraszamy w dniach 27.- 30.8.2009 na z koleji już 658. jarmark historyczny oraz 38. jarmark nowoczesny w Bardejovie. Jarmark organizuje miasto Bardejov, które dla gości przygotowało znakomity program. Wszystcy, którzy zechcecie odwiedzić nasze piękne i historyczne miasto w terminie jarmarku, lub w inny dzień, jesteście serdecznie zaproszeni.

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