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Actual position Village Lednica
 Attraction highlighting:  klippen area with the cliff called Lednické bradlo and rocks called Lednické skalky
Village Lednica is former royal town. It is situated in the valley in northern part of mountain range Biele Karpaty, 16 km westwards far from Púchov.
The oldest traces of settlement date back to prehistory. There were found many archaeological sights from the Iron Age, Bronze Age as well as from Slavonic times, above all on castle hill in Lednica. The castle was built in 13th century on the limestone rock which looms from sidehill of Biele Karpaty and today it’s only a ruin. Its original task was to protect the road leading to Moravia. There is a steep road leading from three parts of the castle, but once you are on top you will have a beautiful view on broad surroundings. Under the castle there is refreshing water spring called „Katarínkin“.
Gentry of Lednice lived on the right bank of Váh river since 11th century. The first written record about the village dates back to 1259. Since 15th century it was a squire town with right to three fairs. Location near Moravia influenced the presence of our Czech brothers who were coming here in order to avoid the pursuit of Protestants in Bohemia. They established their church congregation here. Jan Amos Komenský wad in contact with them and there is evidence that he also visited this village. In honour of him and his friend- priest Ján Drábik there is the memorial tablet under the castle of Lednice.
Records about the Roman-Catholic parish of the village date back to the first half of 14th century. The first Roman-Gothic church was built in 13th century, another one that is wooden was used till the half of 18th century and in that time the new Baroque church of St. Ján Nepomuk was consecrated. Statues of saints situated in the church interior were made by Jozef Maťašovský- brother of the county owner. The church is one of the most beautiful Baroque sacral buildings in Slovakia.
The village was growing in the course of time and its inhabitants were above all peasants.
In 19th century there were brewery, two mills, limekiln, quarry, later sawmill, washboard and distillery. The old manor distillery from 1898 was recently renewed.
The village has rich cultural life. The traditional customs are still preserved, e.g. Shrovetide, Three Kings and Easter. There are many festivities taking place in the village like Harvest home, castle festivity and fair with presence of folklore group which represents the village on cultural events in Slovakia as well as in Moravia.
Nature surrounding Lednica is very interesting. Tributary of Váh called Lednica crosses the klippen area and the single cliffs are formed in the separate groups: there is cliff called Lednické bradlo with castle on the right side and rocks called Lednické skalky on the left side protected by natural creation.
The fields of Lednice are great tourist terrain. In winter there are good conditions for cross-country skiing and there is ski-lift Gazdová as well.
klippen area with the cliff called Lednické bradlo and rocks called Lednické skalky

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