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Actual position Village Malčice

Malčice is known as archaeological site (Paleolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age and the latent age). Archaeological, linguistic and written documents led to the recognition that there is a village Malčice from the Great Moravian period and one of the oldest in the area.
Malčice were entered in the documents from 13 to 17 century under the name Malcha or Malcza. Village name was derived from the personal name Malica.Názov village is first documented in writing 1213th In 1274 gave Malčice King Ladislaus IV. Lawrence, son of Peter
At the turn of the 13th 14th century and belonged to Stephen, son Paul, who lived in Malčice and their name is used in nicknames.
In the year 1322 Malčice have already been mentioned as a parish .

Since its inception were several aristocratic families. Already in the 13th century castle was built, one of the castles that were built after the Mongol invasion Bela IV. It is certain that Malčickou Castle demolished in the second half of the 15th century on the orders of King Matthias Corvinus. Since 1461 there is often changed landlords.
Malčice had in 1600 twenty-two occupied houses, mansion Zeman, church, rectory and school.
Since 1693 the families of Básty, Orosz, Stepan, Szinnyey, Szent-Léleky, Balog, and Botho Szentivány owned properties .
From the 18th century were the largest owners Oroszovci.
From 19 century there were mainly families Szentiványiovcov possessions.
In Malčice was the manor house and built around 1862. During World War II, however, was completely destroyed and a beautiful park with exotic trees were clear cut. In addition to the castle and manor Census still relies on five sites landlord curia and spas.
Malčice were important to their active and fighting withdrawal in times of peasant rebellion in eastern Slovakia in 1831.
Residents deal with sheep, pigs and production of barrels. In the early 20th century, the manufactory in the village of cheese and a steam sawmill.
In Malčice dominated Roman Catholic and Protestant faith. Catholic Church stood in the village before the 14th century. The present temple, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, is from 1848. Reformed church was built in 1827. Both landmarks are included in the list of cultural monuments. In the village maintain the chapel in 1779 and several yeoman of 18 homes and 19 century. Directly in Malčice as well as around them will find many natural beauties. At the municipal office is a relaxing area with several rare plants.

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