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Actual position Village Dulovce
 Attraction highlighting:  Amphitheater
Dulovce-Park | Village
Park | Village's office | Amphitheater | Preliminary school | Madleniak - wood-working
The first written notice comes from the year 1329 when it was marked as Gyalla.
The village is situated in Podunajská nížina (lowland), in the southwestern spur of Pohronská pahorkatina (upland), in the district of Komárno in the region of Nitra. The village coat-of-arms, banner and seal are approved by a heraldic committee.
History of the village:
The medieval history of Dulovce is related to town Hurbanovo, which is for the first time noticed as Gyalla in the year 1329. Archeological findings from prehistoric times to the 12th century prove this location to be much older. Anyway, the town was recorded as posessio Gyalla in the year 1356, Gyalla in the year 1357, predium Gyalla in the year 1412, again Gyalla in the year 1471, Gyalya in the year 1495 and finally Gyala in the year 1498.
These records also refer to Dulovce because it was originally a settlement of Stará Ďala (Gyala). It gained independence in the 14th century and because of that the original town got name Stará Ďala (Ógyalla in Hungarian) and the new-born settlement was named Nová Ďala (Újgyalla).
Further, the Ďala is recorded as royal propriety in the year 1365, which for a short time belonged to the archbishop of Ostrihom during the reign of Ľudovít Veľký.
Then the village became a propriety belonging to domain of Komárno. In the year 1412, Žigmund bucsányi z Bučian became the first secular owner of the village including the settlement during the reign of the king Žigmund. The village spent harsh times during the age of Turkish raids. As the second half of the 16th century the village was very lowly populated. After making peace in the year 1608 according to the contract the settlement was given into Turkish dominion. Villagers rejected to supply the Turks as they were besieging the castle of Nové Zámky which led to plundering of the village ordered by Kara Mustafa. So the village became extinct until the year 1690 when Slovak people from the region of Považie and Slovak-Moravian borders were installed here by the family Csuzy.
Points of interest, remarkables and rarities:
Dulovce-Roman catholic church of st.Lukáč
Roman catholic church of st.Lukáč
PVOD DOMOVINA Dulovce, elementary school, culture house, library, football stadium, post office, municipal office and registry, Roman-Catholic parish office, medical center and cable television. Building of the municipal office had begun in the year 1991 and lasted until the year 1996. Gas pipeline installation lasted from the year 1980 to 1993. There are various private establishments: Madleniak - wood-working (proprietor - Mr. Madleniak), GATO - (proprietor - Mrs. Gajdošová), ARMA - (Mr. Hegeduš) and MYKOTREND Co - (Mr. Pappa from Radvaň n. Dunaj. Local amphitheater with a capacity of 500 persons has been built in the year 1998.

Aktuálny inzerát obce Dulovce, okr. Komárno
Obec Dulovce pedáva rodinný dom na ulici Starohorská č.22, súpisné č.487
-suterén-zastavaná plocha 157,60 m2
-1.nadzemné podlažie :zastavaná plocha 157,60 m2 (spálňa, obývacia izba, detská izba, kuchyňa,špajza, kúpelňa,WC)
-2.Nadzemnáé podlažie :zastavaná plocha 157,60 m2 (spálňa, obývacia izba, detská izba, kuchyňa,špajza, kúpelňa,WC)
-hospodárska budova, skleník, bazén, elektrická prípojka, vodovodná prípojka na verejný rozvod vody, plynová prípojka na plynový rozvod, záhrada o výmere 1931 m2, kopaná studňa.
Cena: celková hodnota na základe znaleckého posudku 1 200 000.-
Obecný úrad
Hlavná 33
94656 Dulovce
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