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 Attraction highlighting: Obyce´s calc-tuffs, occurence of ignimbrit, cultural monuments

Village Obyce is situated in West Slovakia, at the border of the Podunajská lowland in the valley of the Žitava river 8km away from Zlaté Moravce at 260m above sea level. It is spread on a narrow valley among the north-western ledges of the Pohronský Inovec mountain and the eastern parts of the Tríbeč mountain.
The first written reference was founded in a pergamen of the St Beňadik´s Abbey called EBEDEC from the year 1075, the present-day name Obyce got in 1927.
In 1600 village consisted of only 25 subjective houses, nowadays there are more than 600 houses with 1650 inhabitants.

View of village Obyce

The independent administration has been established in the half of the 18th century. In the territory of village was founded a paper-mill (liquidated in 1840) and a foundry for glass blowing (till 1885). To the oldest in Slovakia belonged here opened a brown-coal mine(1859) where had been mined till 1949. By stone breaking for house constructing there were founded more stone-pits for a tiny sale. Since 1935 a larger stone-pit has been in operation which has provided qualitative stone.

Points of interest, remarkables and rarities

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Village is proud of cultural monuments, the most beautiful is the Church from 1942 consecrated to Christ the King and a statue of God´s Mother, of St Vendelín and St Urban.

Spiritual values of village have been rooted in people since 1922 when theatre and amateur theatre were flourishing. In 2002 a brass-band Obyčanka will be celebrating its 100th anniversary, in 1995 an young pupil brass-music was formed together with Skerešovanka and Drieňovanka. In the name of Holy Ghost and Christianity was created an young Christian singing-group.

Traditional handicrafts were preserved: stonemasonry, needle-work, basket-making, production of gingerbread.
Village is represented by local football teams of adults and youth.

Nowadays Obyce is a modern village where gas pipelines were layed down, the Health Care Centre is at disposal (the seat of three doctors - a general practitioner, a paediatrist, a dentist). There were established an elementary school and a refectory for 200 persons and a kindergarten with three classes.

Area of the territory is 3125 ha and is as well as made for rest, culture and agrotourism. Following the tourist signs you can go to the Pohronský Inovec (901m), Skerešové rocks, Krtinová, Škripec, Kopanice, ... Nature was extraordinarly generous in this place because of forests and veldts which surround our village. Occurence of acidulous waters is very rich. The most famous are Drieňová studnička and Žliabok.
An attraction of village became the Obyce´s calc-tuffs formed by calcite to be included in thermal spring and occurence of ignimbrit - a special type of andesit.

Natural reserve Včelár

To the territory of village belongs a natural reserve Včelár 8,76ha in area to which was alloted the fifth stage of preserve in 1984. Purpose of declaration was the protection of preserved xeric and . ... community of stone forest-heath for scientific-research, educational and for cultural-edifying goals.

Activities of village:
  • The Mardi Gras - February
  • Welcoming of spring - March
  • Feast following the bonfire on St George´s day - April
  • Building of maypole - villagian feasts on the eve of the May 1.
  • Feasts on Mother´s day - May
  • Feasts on Children´s day - June
  • Feast at the Bonfire of the Slovaka souvergnity - July
  • Pilgrimations to the statue of God´s Mother - August
  • Feasts on jubilees (celebrations for people of the age: 50,60,70,80,90,100) - October
  • Villagian feasts on the Day of the Christ the King- the last Sunday in October
  • The district competition in shooting on the asphalt targets - August
  • Feasts of SNP - August
  • Football matches and competitions
  • Christmas children crib religioness - the first Christmas Day
  • Welcoming of the New Year at the midnight at the villagian Christmas tree
  • Year 2000 - celebration of the 925th anniversary of the first written reference of village

Translation: Hošková

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