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Ostrý Grúň

 Attraction highlighting: Recreational area

Village Ostrý Grúň is situated in the Kľakovská hollow in a mountain environment under the hills Vtáčnik (1346m above sea level). The first written mention of village is from 1700. Village has 561 inhabitants. Area of village is 1680ha and is located at 483m above sea level.
Thanks to its favourable position became centre of visits of our and foreign tourists.

recreational centre
recreational centre

Its recreational centre has become pearl of village to be visited by many tourists during the summer- and winter-time. In the surroundings there are a lot of tourist pathes. Facility offers horseback riding in the summer-time, skiing in the winter-time, because of two ski-lift. One of them is artificial snow-covered. The ski-lifts are suitable for beginners and for advanced skiers, too.

Points of interest, remarkables and rarities

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Accommodation is provided in the main building with capacity of 31 beds (with WC, common showers). Near the main building there are five log cabins (each has 10 beds with WC and two showers). Food is being prepared three times a day, during summer vacations and school in nature five times.

map of surroundings

Visitors of this region can taste beauties of surrounding nature, make trips, for example: climb on the Vtáčnik.

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