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Horný Zemplín



 Attraction highlighting: Baroque Church of Translation of Virgin Mary

Village Papín is situated in the Low Beskyds in a beatiful valley on both sides of the Udava river 280-482m heigh above sea level.

Village Papín was founded about the year 1330. Name of the village is mentioned in documents from the year 1451 for the first time, when the village belonged to the Humenné county, since the 18th century had been owned by the Klobušiks and since the 19th century by the Očkajovecs.

Village belonged to Zemplín region administratively. In the village there was a monastery and in the year 1850 still had been an administrative seat of district. Village is situated in the middle of triangle of cities Humenné, Snina and Medzilaborce with approximately equal distance.

Points of interest, remarkables and rarities

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Baroque Church of Translation of Virgin Mary

To well-preserved cultural monuments of the village belongs the Baroque Church of Translation of Virgin Mary built in 1756. When the Church was rebuilt in 1998 there was constructed a mortuary in the area of the Church.

Nowadays 1100 inhabitants live in Papín (332 houses). It is a seat of registry office. Only one bigger company - Podielnícke agrodružstvo oriented to production of ecological foodstuffs.

There are a kindergarten, elementery school, post office, branch offices of the Slovak Savings Bank, a private health centre and a private chemist.

Altar from Church of Translation of Virgin Mary

Very well developed are especially - business, freight transport, timber industry, fowl breeding, mainly restaurant´s services.
Near the village is built a scrap heap for communal garbage.

You can taste of some local delicacies in a stylish restaurant, Market - Papín, of Marián Surničin the owner.

In a beautiful environment of crystal clear water of the Udava river you can see trouts and crayfish. In the terrier of Papín there are wild boars and deer. In a hunting association you can hunt this deer. In the summer and autumn time you can go mushrooming.

Surroundings of the village there are coppices of beech, a suitable row material for timber industry in which are many businessmen of the village interested.

Translation: Hošková

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