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Petržalka - City districts of Bratislava
Attraction highlighting: The Park of Janko Kráľ

Petržalka is the largest city section of Bratislava, the capital of SR. Together with Jarovce, Rusovce and Čuňovo it forms the district – Bratislava V, which is the 5th largest district in Slovakia according to its number of inhabitants. According to population density it is the 3rd most populated.

The first written notice about Petržalka has its origin in the year 1225, though the original independent municipality was except insignificant remainders pulled down. In this place of the largest housing complex of Slovakia live almost 130 000 inhabitants. The ratio of economically active and perspectively active population of the total makes 85,9 %, the learnedness coefficient 78% of all inhabitants with high school and university education is compared to other city sections and other cities of Slovakia very high.
Advanatageous location of Petržalka – Danube’s right riverside, the nearest distance to the capital’s center but most of all close to the border with Hungary and Austria it to have animportant influence to Bratislava’s economy and small business not only from the aspect of having significant traffic routes nearby. 

The most important plants in the area are Matador, Matadorfix Ltd., Matadorroll, joint stock company and Hydronika, jsc.  

Places of Interest
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There take place regularly significant horse races at the State racecourse in Petržalka
Other rarity is a mobile, artificial ice rink first of its kind in Slovakia and in
-line roller blade Skate park.

The theater Aréna belongs among important and looked for objects of cultural and social life that celebrates its 100th anniversary in the year 2000. The Park of Janko Kráľ is the first public park in central Europe. Restaurant Leberfing has been built in the 16th century and has undergone many changes up to today’s look.
There take place numerous international exhibitions and congresses in the exhibition and congress center Incheba. The Economical University has its seat in Petržalka, too.

The city districtss of  Bratislava, the district Bratislava V  
Local board,
 Kutlikova 17,
 85212 Bratislava

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