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Best atraction: Podzámok - which lies just below the ruins of the Branč Castle
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The Podbranč village, the eldest records on its existence are from 1394 when 13 settlements were affiliated to the estate of the Branč Castle.

Nowadays the village Podbranč spreads on the area of 1414 ha and comprises 37 settlements, hamlets and larger farmhouses. Most of them are located in the valley of the Myjava River that flows through the whole area of the village. It is a village of hillbilly character and there are kept traditional customs.

The most attractive turistic part of the neighbourhood is the settlement Podzámok, which lies just below the ruins of the Branč Castle. It is a destination of visitors from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, and Poland all year around. The ruin stands on the even hill of Myjava Hilly Country. At the castle there annually take place the commemorating Lutheran celebrations, also historical and sport events, cultural events, picnics for children etc.

Places of Interest
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Catchy and picturesque landscape and the Branč Castle with its surrounding were and have been a motif for the art expression. It is possible to make trips from the castle to Bradlo, to the memorial room of the SNP (Slovak National Uprising) in Prietrž. The trail route for hikers leads to the old castle and to the hunting cottage with trophies.

Podbranč is a very interesting place for making trips. From the medieval castle there is a lovely view to the extensive surrounding. In the near mountains and valleys there are tourist possibilities. In the untouched virgin nature there are very good conditions for medicinal herbs picking. Persons interested in geology can have a look and study the structure and composition of the minerals here.

From the old architecture there are preserved some of the houses - the Haban's houses. In the part by Varsíkov there is typical private spirit production house. The curiosity in the village is the Water Mill (Vodný mlyn) which has been preserved in all details.

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The Podbranč village, neighbourhood and the Branč Castle provide many opportunities for the active vacation.
The Municipal Office offers yearly catering services and rental possibilities in the Culture House in Podzámok. The capacity is 120 persons, suitable for giving different parties and assemblies:
  • wedding feasts
  • prom nights
  • anniversary celebrations
  • meetings (congresses)
  • cultural and social events

    The live and canned music can be provided.
  • For all enquiries call the Municipal Office Podbranč:
    phone: 034-6282430
    vráť ma na začiatok strany

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