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Považská Bystrica 
Attraction highlighting: Maninska tiesnava

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Povazska Bystrica is a town with rich historical background. The first written reference comes from July 13th 1330 and it can be found in the official document in the village of Hronsky Sv. Benadik. This document shows the borders of the village called Trstie and indicates the way to Bystrica in Latin like this: “IN VIAM PUBLICAM, CUM QUA ITUR IN BISTRICIAM”.

It looks like a newly built town because of its extensive reconstruction and modernisation in the seventies. Even though the older inhabitants remember the past appearance of Povazska Bystrica, they are equally proud of this town which boasts plenty of facilities and green spaces.
Považská Bystrica

Places of Interest
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Povazska Bystrica has got its magic in every season. It offers a wide range of accommodation facilities, restaurants and other services for its inhabitants and visitors alike. The town provides many cultural and sport facilities.

Should the visitor wish to escape from the hustle and bustle of the town, a visit to one of the surrounding valleys of Povazska Bystrica, is highly recommended: There are many to choose from including Popradnianska valley, Marikovska valley, Pruzinska or Domanizska valley. For the geologists the area of Maninska Tiesnava is also near by and known for its unique calcium rocks situated in some of the most beautiful countryside where the visitor will find peace and tranquillity.
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