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Village Praha was founded in the era of reign of Ján Iskra from Brandýs in the Slovakia in the 15th century – 1443-1451 (Brethern movement).
In the village was built an evangelic church from the year 1856 and an old school. This was totally reconstructed in the year 1910 and in the year 1959 renovated to the actual look.

village Praha

For the cultural sight was declared rustic building built in the year 1786 – charnel house with preserved original design elements and is a worth evidence of folk architecture, unique in its class. Since the year 1960 for a consideration of self-support built nice Cultural house has served to citizens. Here are bureaus of the Municipal office and Agricultural cooperation, which is no more in operation.

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Terrier of the village has its area of 929ha, thereof agricultural land 595ha. Working in agriculture was the only source of local job opportunitties.

In the village live 92 citizens. Children after cancellation local school (four classes) have to go to the nearest elementary school in Halič, 8 km of distance.
In the year 1980 was finished complex village modification, mainly roads, kerbstones, green zones and side-walks in the amount of 1.4 milion crowns.

Cultural house evangelic church

Village Praha is situated in the area under mountains, circumscribed by forests. Surrounding nature is suitable for rest and tourism. A drinking water supply is from the own spring, by means of distribution water-pipes from the year 1929.

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