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 Attraction highlighting: Museum of the Liptov village

Village Pribylina is situated at an altitude of 745 metres under the confluence of the Račko stream with the Belá river. It was founded in the 13th century. Nowadays village has 1350 inhabitants and the area is 8500ha.
Territory of the West Tatras which bound this village had escaped gradual civilization and except some recreational objects situated in the valleys visitors have many opportunities to move in beautiful virgin nature to be rich in woodland fruits.

village Pribylina

Settlement Podbanské with the biggest Tatran hotel Permon is the local part of village and is the starting point to the eastern part of the West Tatras and to the western part of the High Tatras. In the summertime this region offers a wide range of opportunities for tourists and also for cycle-tourism, in the wintertime for cross-country and downhill skiing.

Points of interest, remarkables and rarities

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The cultural-historical monuments
- the Roman-Catholic Neo-Gothic Church of St Catharine built in 1910 at a place of a former old wooden church
- the Evangelical Neo-Romanesque Church built in the years 1901-1902 at a place of other wooden church according to the project of M.M.Harminec.

Museum of the Liptov village

The biggest tourist attraction of village is the Museum of the Liptov village. It grows among great mountain meadows under Kriváň and the Liptovské hills. It creates a model of several villages with a lord county.
It were concerned here mainly monuments from the area of the dam Liptovská Mara.

copy of the Neo-Gothic manor-house

A copy of the Neo-Gothic manor-house from Parížovce with its high roof dominates above whole area and also the Gothic Church of Virgin Mary from Liptovská Mara.
In the area are traditionally organized programs like for example the Ovčiarska nedeľa (the Shepard's Sunday), the Children Sunday, the Sunday of natives, the Sunday of bee-keepers, the Sunday of St Hubert one time a month. In July and August there are shown folk craft technics - weaving, work with wood, making bobbin laces, work with metal and leather, weaving baskets and of straw.

Famous natives and important persons:
Dr.Ján Lajčiak (1875-1918), a preacher, an expert on oriental languages, the Slovak sociologist.
Dr.Ján Rumann (1876-1928), studied law, later representative of the Košice's country, a writer
Matej Šuňavec (1873-1949) - a mason - a pioneer of the Slovak work movement.
Daniel Pribiš (1580-1645) - an evangelical priest in the years 1611-24.
Daniel Miroslav Bacha - a writer that had lived in the years 1861-1874 in Pribylina, and founded a library and an amateur theatre group.
Martin Rázus - a poet that had lived in our village as priest in the years 1913-1920.

To the most typical belonged rafting (wood was floated down the Belá river to Liptovský Hrádok)
Resort of herdman's huts (in the surroundings of village existed many chalets)
Masonry (masons left to the southern parts of Hungary because of jobs. The Pribylina's masons were famous because of building up several palaces in Budapest)

tourism possibilities

Tourist attractions and activities
The Hotel Permon, Podbanské - 10km (a swimming pool, bowling centre, gymnasium, tennis courts, sauna, massages, fitness, discotheque)
Caves - Demänová, Važec - 20km
The folk festival Východná - (at the beginning of July) - 15km
The summer swimming pool, Liptovský Ján - 12km
The thermal swimming pool, Bešeňová - 30km
The High Tatras

map of surroundings
map of surroundings

4km away from the village is situated ATC Račková valley with capacity of 80 tents, about 320 persons, 20 caravans (with electrical current). Part of ATC is a tourist boarding house with 44 beds.

The Hotel Esperanto, Pribylina
Autocamp Račkova Dolina,
The Mountain Hotel Mier, Račkova Dolina,
The Cottage VŠP Račkova Dolina,
or in privacy

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