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 Attraction highlighting: Waterfalls, Roman-Catholic Church of St Žofia

In a beautiful environment of the Strážovské hills, in the valley of the Pružinka is spread village Pružina with habitations/local parts Priedhorie, Mlynište, Chmelisko, Podstrážie and Briestené.

Name of village: 1272 Pruzsina, 1330 Prussina, 1364 Pruzina, 1864 Barossházaa

Village Pružina

Village Pružina is situated on the northeastern foot of the highest peak of the Strážovská hilly country of Strážov. The first written mention about village originates from 1272 when belonged to the county Košeca. In the 13th century came into the property of yeoman´s families the Pružinský and Lieskovský. Cultural and historical monuments form history of village.

Points of interest, remarkables and rarities

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Important persons born or living in Pružina.:
Štefan Závodník - a priest, the Slovak nationalist, had been living in Pružina in the years 1850-1885.
Gábor Baroš - a bourgeois politican and economist, famous as "The iron minister of Slovakia" was born in Pružina on July 6, 1848.

Strážov waterfall

Surroundings of village can be exploited for walking, field running and cycle-tourism. In the mountain Strážov we will find some interesting mountain passes, protected plants, cave Kortmanka, Dúpna and a lot of nature formations.
But to the most beautiful experiences belongs the pass to the Strážovské waterfalls.
Visitors have an opportunity to visit the Room of Štefan Závodník at the Elementary school of Š. Závodník, the Park of Š. Závodník near the Cultural House where a bronze bust of Š. Závodník is located and the Park of Gábor Baroš.


Visitors can be acommodated in recreational facilities Pružina-Priedhorie, Podskalie (services: board and lodging, bicycle rental, sports area).

Traditional activities in the village:
April - The tree feast
May - Climb on Strážov, the Day of mothers, the Žofia market
August - the Cup of Štefan Závodník - competition of fire-men, "Strážovský okruh zdravia".

Cultural monuments:
The Church of St Žofia (Roman-Catholic) - the former Gothic church, in 1759 enlarged by building the presbyterium
The Calvary around the Church: 7 pictures of J.B. Klemens from 1863, 4 pictures of K.Švestka from 1880
Chapels: in front of the Church from 1879, the Chapel of Rosary Virgin Mary from 1877, (wayside) the Chapel of St John Nepomucký.

Translation: Hošková

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