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Attraction highlighting: Ochtinská argonitová cave

REVÚCA –  is the town where the first Slovak Grammar School was established.


Pohľad na  Revúcu

Dnešná Revúca

The first writen reference comes from 1357. It became town in 1557. Its development was characterized by expansion of crafts, trading activities as well as production and processing of iron. In 1556 there were 8 iron plants. 

In 1808, the Muranská Union was established there as the first public limited company connected to the iron industry in this region. In late 19
th century, Revúca became one of the most important national and cultural centres in Slovakia.

In September 16th 1862, the first Slovak Grammar School was established in Revúca. All subjects and exams were taken in Slovak language.

Zbor profesorov z roku 1868

  Places of Interest
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 In 1874 this Grammar School was closed and in 1991 it became the national cultural relic and the public can see very interesting exhibition in this original building. Since 1945, the town has grown rapidly thanks to its industrial development. 

Prvé slovenské gymnázium - novšia budova

It is surrounded by some grand mountain areas such as Stolické vrchy, Revúcka vrchovina and national park Muránska planina. 

View part of Pod Kohútom

It has became an important summer/winter recreational area known for walking, hiking and other leisure activities. Visitors can admire Muránsky castle which as a castle is situated on the highers point in Central Europe. It is a favourite tourist destination offering good services such as accomodation, food services, swimming pools, saunas, tennis and volleyball courts, skiing centres and winter ice-stadium. There is a unique cave – Ochtinská argonitová cave/a>.

  Letné kúpalisko

In the surrounding of Revúca we can find three national cultural relics: Roman – catholic church in Chyžná from 13th century, Roman – catholic church in Rákoš from 13th century and Roman – catholic church also from 13th century.

The countryside is rich in a lovely fauna, there is a huge variety of animals such as bears, wolfs and fish. There are a few fishing ponds in Muránska Lehota, Revúcka Lehota and Gemerské Teplice.

In case of your visit to Revúca, these telephone numbers may be helpful for you:
  • Tourist Information Centre: 00421-58-4422159
  • Hotel Pyramída: 00421-58-4421122
  • Muráň – Bed and Breakfast: 00421-58-4494440
  • Predná Hora – recreational complex:00421-58-4494158
  • Hrádok: 00421-58-4482505
  • The First Slovak Grammar School: 00421-58-4421644

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